Didn’t you feel when you were pregnant?Little details remind you what symptoms you have

Xiaofang is a big girl. It was postponed for almost 10 days to find out that she hadn’t come yet, and did not buy early pregnancy test strips to test.

In fact, early pregnancy reactions are relatively subtle, and attentive and sensitive people will find something.You can also understand the symptoms of early pregnancy online.

Of course, the most accurate is the pregnancy test or go to the hospital for examination.

Which are the symptoms of early pregnancy?let’s figure it out together!

1. It always feels tired when it is easy to get tired.

It is always easy to get tired in the early stages of pregnancy, and I am tired before I take two steps. It is earlier than before going to bed at night, but it is still difficult to get up in the morning. I do n’t do anything.What happened.

Pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy will have the situation of drowsiness and tiredness, but slowly the situation will improve.

During the pregnancy, the woman found that she was particularly tired recently and could not afford the spirit, so they had to check that they were successful in preparing for pregnancy. They must go to the hospital for examination.

2. Breast increase, nipple pain

This reason is also caused by the effects of progesterone in the body. After pregnancy, it will obviously find that there will be raised little dots on the areola, and the breasts will still be sore and larger than usual.It’s very similar, so many times women ignore these issues.

3. Uncomfortable in my heart, always nauseous to vomit

After a woman is pregnant, the hormone level in the body will change, affecting the appetite and digestion of women.As a result, the symptoms of nausea and vomiting are called early pregnancy reactions, which will last about 3-4 months, but some people may be accompanied by sickness symptoms during pregnancy.Everyone has a different response, and some women have good appetite in the early stages of pregnancy.

You can add more high -quality protein during pregnancy

High -quality protein is in the growth stage of the embryo in the early pregnancy, so you must pay attention to increasing the intake of high -quality protein at this time. The daily intake is not less than 40 grams.You can choose foods of milk, eggs, soy products, and nuts.However, it is not advisable to consume excessive intake. Excessive high -protein diet will affect the appetite of pregnant women, increase gastrointestinal burden, and cause discomfort such as abdominal distension.

These are the most common in daily life. Usually more carefully and know more about women’s knowledge.So as not to know if you are pregnant.Hope this article can help you!

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