Difficulty one: Ovulation disorders, difficult to have "good pregnancy"

As long as there is menstruation, there must be ovulation?With ovulation and sexual behavior, you must be able to get pregnant naturally?(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

Many people naturally feel like this!But is it really like this?It is not necessarily, but this shows one thing that "ovulation" is indeed an important condition for "wanting to get pregnant."In other words, it is difficult to get pregnant naturally if you have abnormal ovulation or not ovulation.

Here we must first understand the structure of the ovary.

The ovarian is a pair of oval genitals on both sides of the uterus.It has a layer of epithelial tissue with a matrix connective tissue below.The internal structure of the ovary can be divided into cortex and matrix.The cortex is located on the surrounding part of the ovaries and is mainly composed of follicles and connective tissues. The matrix is located in the center and is composed of loose connective tissues. Among them, there are many blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves.

The ovaries are one left and right, milky white, tough quality, and flat oval shape, similar to the raised surface of olives.The surface of the ovaries when women were young. After sexual maturity, due to the bulge of follicles and after ovulation, the surface of the ovary was often uneven.The size and shape of the ovary also vary depending on age.Usually the left and right ovaries of women are not consistent, usually the left side is larger than the right.The length of the length of the adult ovarian is 2.93 cm on the left side, and the average on the right is 2.88 cm; the left side of the width is 1.48 cm on the left; the average on the right is 1.38 cm; the left side of the thickness is 0.82 cm, and the average on the right is 0.83 cm. The ovary weight is heavy.It is 3 to 10 grams.The ovaries at the age of 35 to 45 are gradually narrowing. After the menopause period, the ovaries can gradually reduce to one -third of the original volume.Usually the size of the adult ovarian is equivalent to the size of its thumb fingers.Because the ovary has repeatedly ovulated and the follicles are broken, the connective tissue is replaced, so its essence will gradually harden.

One egg is arranged every month for the ovarian, which is arranged about 12 times a year. This is the normal physiological cycle of ordinary women.However, some women may not be able to ovulation, or "lift eggs" for more than 2 to 3 months or even half a year.Regardless of whether there is no menstruation or too long or too short, it reflects that there is a problem with ovulation abnormalities and egg development in the follicles.The reason why the eggs cannot develop well can be divided into two points: first, the ovarian or ovarian itself is abnormal, and the second is that the brain cannot release hormones to control egg development normally.For example: chromosomal abnormalities cause premature ovarian or premature ovarian failure to play.

The ovarian is like a factory. During the "shipment" (ovulation) process, it may not be unable to ship normally. It may be due to the "order" (analogenic endocrine), "factory operation" or "assembly" (ovarian function) linkOut of the situation.

The problem of ovulation may be because the "order" is unknown (abnormal endocrine endocrine), and the ovarian ovaries will not be "shipped" without the "order" ovaries.Another reason why eggs cannot develop normally are that the brain cannot secrete hormone regulating hormones, which is mainly caused by dysfunction of hypothalamus and pituitary gland.The hill brain is the center of feeding, anger, and sexual desire. Once the pressure is affected here, it will affect the secretion and regulation of female pituitary gland, which will cause menstrual abnormalities.The secretion of hormone (CNRH or LH-RH) such as hormone release hormone (CNRH or LH-RH) is reduced.

The body’s brain decentness will give an order, secrete the follicle stimulus (FSH) and the luteal formin (LH). These hormones will inform the ovaries when the follicles start to create follicles, but if the pituitary body does not undergo an order, the ovaries will not receive the "order order.", Ovarian factory is like holidays and will not make cooked eggs.When the function of the pituitary body is reduced, it can cause refractory ovulation disorders.Hypertrophic prolactin secretion secreted by pituitary gland can also cause ovulation obstacles.

Furthermore, if the ovarian factory is not operating well, of course, it cannot be shipped.Poor equipment in the factory will also hinder shipments.If the congenital ovarian structure is malformed or dysplasia, it may affect the operation of ovarian factories.

Even if the upstream "order" (endocrine endocrine) is normal, there are problems in assembly or transportation, which will cause discharge obstacles and cause functional or mechanical obstacles to the ovaries.

Functional disorders: The assembly problem is sometimes caused by the lack of a certain part.Follicles should be formed and mature to rely on some raw materials, such as follicles stimulating hormones and luteal generics, stimulating follicles to grow up to a certain degree, and discharge the eggs.In the process, if the raw material is insufficient, the eggs will not be made.For women with irregular menstruation, the most likely reason for being difficult to get pregnant is that there is no ovulation.Ovulation disorders cause eggs to be unable to provide normally. Among them, an ovulation regulating system function is abnormal, resulting in chronic and non -ovulation.In addition to irregular menstruation and difficulty in pregnancy, these women often accompanied many symptoms of endocrine disorders (such as highrogens, obesity, acne, more hair, and polycystic ovary).Secondly, if you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, it will also cause hormones in the body to become dysfunctional, causing menstruation into monsoon, half a year, and annual menstruation.

In addition, ovarian aging, smoking or environmental poisoning, such as air pollution, plasticizers, etc., may also cause ovulation to be affected or not excreted, so that the eggs have no chance to meet sperm.Another reason is related to stress.Modern people are under pressure and easy to suppress ovulation.The abnormal daily life is asleep as late as late, and it is also easy to cause hormone disorders in the body. If it leads to an increase in prolactin, it will cause ovulation disorders.

Mechanical disorders: Ovarian factories need to ovulate shipments, but if there are boulder at the door of the factory and the truck cannot drive out, it will affect the shipping process.Such as chocolate cysts, ovarian tumors, pelvic adhesion, will interfere with the excretion of eggs.For infertile women who have repeatedly occurred in pelvic infection, undergoing abdominal surgery, or a history of pelvic adhesion, attention should be paid to check whether the fallopian tube is problematic in terms of unblocking or peristability.

If the unmarried girl pelvic cavity occurs, it must be treated thoroughly.If you don’t want to have early childbirth, you must take contraceptive measures, because pelvic inflammatory disease, abortion, repeated abortion, etc. can cause harm to future fertility ability.(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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