Do I have to go to sleep with my old centimeter after pregnancy?The different responses of the four mothers, the relationship between the husband and wife is obviously obvious

Xiaoli is a novice mother. Since her pregnancy is found, her mother -in -law has automatically asked her to move to take care of her little couple. In fact, in addition to taking care of her diet, she also has an important role. My mother -in -law discussed with Xiaoli’s mother., Prevent Xiaoli and her husband’s "opportunities alone", because Xiaoli’s last baby was the husband and wife, and accidentally flowed off. This time, it was easy to get pregnant.After giving birth to a child, the son did not have a daughter -in -law.

After learning about pregnancy, many women know that they pay attention, but they can’t stand the hardships of her husband, and they can easily hurt their children, especially in the early pregnancy and late pregnancy.Mom also decisively followed the old cen room. In fact, when I was pregnant, I went to sleep with the old centimeter, which was beneficial and disadvantaged. Let’s hear how the four Baoma spend this period.

After sleeping separately for more than a year, my husband was unwilling to come back

When I was pregnant, I was particularly irritable. I was in a bad mood all day long. In addition, my husband was sleeping and snoring, and always turned over and over at night.After going to other rooms to sleep, after the husband left, he felt that a person was sleeping comfortably, and his husband felt very free. He didn’t want to wash his feet and no one urged. No one wanted to play games.When the child is born for five months, her husband still doesn’t want to come back. Occasionally, it is disgusted with each other. I feel that the relationship between us has faded. I still ask for the first time after delivery.Freedom, but many things between each other are changing quietly.

Sleep separately in the early pregnancy, and the mid -term is back

I was a bit unstable in my early pregnancy. The doctor deliberately ordered not to have the same room, so I took my husband to the second bedroom a few months ago.In fact, there is no need to sleep in a room for pregnancy. As long as you are prohibited from the same room, I am a bit uncomfortable. I cramps in the middle of the night. It is very intimate when my husband discovered in time.

Always sleeping with my husband, not separated by separation

After pregnancy, the prodigal moved to give up most of the bed, and curled up on the bed by myself. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep, my husband talked to me in a confused manner, and sometimes there were requirements for that, but I said that I couldn’t do this when I was pregnant.When he was obedient, his husband was beside me. I was particularly relieved. I saw red in the middle of the night. If my husband was not with me, I might all be scared. My husband comforted me and called the hospital while calling me.I feel that my husband is particularly tall.

Stay together before going to bed, separate when you are sleepy

I didn’t sleep with my husband during pregnancy, but the relationship still had to be maintained. Before going to bed, he would come to my room to play for a while. I was lying on the bed to play with my phone. I said it was sleepy. He turned off the computer automatically and went back to his room to sleep.It ’s sometimes accompanied by counting the fetal movement with me, and sometimes giving me a puffy foot. I ca n’t get up in the morning in the morning of my pregnancy. I shouted that he hurried over to pull me up and felt that nothing had changed.There is a child to play games. Whoever pays does not pay? His demand is not worth mentioning at all, haha.

How do couples get along after pregnancy?

First, there is no need to sleep in separate rooms, as long as you are prohibited from the same room in the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester.

The first three months of the pregnancy and the second three months of the third trimester was a period of high miscarriage and premature birth. The former has just taken bed, the embryo is rapidly dividing, and the hormone level changes.Excessive excitement will exacerbate the contraction and may induce premature birth. Therefore, the same room should also be prohibited. In the second trimester, although the life of husband and wife can be performed, it is best to be frequently once a week or even two weeks.Essence

Second, my husband must be honest when he sleeps, you can’t kick Bao Ma’s belly

Some husbands are not sleeping honestly. They pull their wives to hold or turn back and forth. This requires special attention. Moms during pregnancy do not sleep well and they are afraid of overwhelming belly. If the husband sleeps honestly, it is recommended to sleep separately for the time being.Or the bed in the middle of the bed, do not hurt your mother.

Third, some bad habits, my husband must correct

Some men stay up late at night to play games, called takeaway habits and other habits, which will also seriously affect Bao Ma’s rest. In particular, some takeaway, the diet itself is unhealthy, and it is heavy and hot.Benefits, it is recommended that prospective dad also pay attention to the laws of diet and schedule, and wait for the birth of healthy babies with Baoma.

Of course, some treasure moms have always experienced the same room during pregnancy, and there is nothing to do with the baby. There are differences between individuals and individuals. They still have to obey the doctor’s instructions, especially when there is an abortion experience, or the abdomen often hurts the abdomen during pregnancy.It is necessary to strictly abide by, and the mother is idle during pregnancy. In fact, it is also a good time to enhance the relationship between husband and wife. If there are no special circumstances, it is recommended that the couple should not sleep separately.

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