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Low progesterone is indeed annoying

In the early stages of pregnancy, a pregnancy test is essential, that is, the two items in the early pregnancy. Two indicators in the body of the mothers who have just pregnant are detected by the blood, referred to as the northern β-human chorionic gonadotropin (β-HCG)Progest.However, many pregnant mothers have a low progesterone value, and once the progesterone value is detected, the doctor usually recommends that you take medicine and injections, so that the pregnant mothers are bold, for fear of losing the small life just sprouting in the stomach, I amIn the early pregnancy, I also encountered this situation and was frightened every day, but there was no problem in the end. Let ’s talk about my experience and comfort the pregnant mothers with low progesterone.

I have always been irregular menstruation, and I did n’t notice it for almost two months. I suddenly vomited breakfast when I first arrived in the office in the morning. I felt nausea and vomiting for a few days in a row, but I never thought that I was pregnant. I bought it and bought it. I bought it and bought it.A lot of sour plums and hawthorn and healthy stomach slices are also big. There are no signs of improvement in a week. I went to see the doctor on the weekend and hung a gastrointestinal department.Come on the urine test, I still think that the urine test is to check the stomach and stomach. After a tossing for an hour, I got the test report. "Positive, you see you are obviously pregnant!"Go to the obstetrics and gynecology department to do a B -ultrasound, "hurriedly registered, the doctor gave the two orders of two and B -ultrasound for the early pregnancy and the doctor.I only recognized the reality, and I was really pregnant.

Do not panic too much at low progesterone

As a result, the blood drawing was obtained the next day. The β-HCG was 202521.65mlu/ml, and the progesterone value was 14.02ng/ml.It is normal to have no fetal heart buds without fetal heart sprouts. First, eat progesterone tablets for two weeks, and then take blood to check whether the progesterone value is increased. If the progesterone value continues to decline, the fetus may stop. Of courseThere is no problem with the fetal heart buds. "After listening to the doctor, I was a little bit embarrassed and asked weakly:" What are the consequences of low progesterone? "," Low progesterone may have a miscarriage. "When I heard a miscarriage, I heard a miscarriage."It was really scared to me. After all, it was the first time I was pregnant. I hurriedly asked the doctor again: "Why is my progesterone low?", "There are many reasons. The common thing is that the embryo itself is not a good embryo, and naturally it is not developed.The survival of the fittest, the progesterone value will be low, and there is the dysnia dysfunction of the pregnant woman itself. In this case, you may have a miscarriage. "

The doctor’s words were lightly described, but I left the ground musch tablet with a open musch tablet. In case of my luteal function, the risk of miscarriage was not great?Is it difficult to get pregnant in the future?Thinking that abortion hurts a lot to the body, and she was scared to cry. Fortunately, my husband kept comforting me by him.I have never taken medicine on time. In the next two weeks, I really set the alarm clock and take medicine.I checked a lot of reliable and unreliable information on the Internet. Some posts said that the progesterone is less than 25 and there is basically no need to protect the fetus. I can see my heart. There are many pregnant mothers with low progesterone.The luteum needle is kept in bed every day. I wondered why the doctor did not give me an injection. Can I only take medicine every day? Is this doctor too young and without experience? I want to take the initiative to ask for injections.I said it was to let it go, I am afraid I went to the hospital for a long time.It is said that food supplements can also be replenished, such as drinking soy milk. I immediately bought a soy milk machine to drink soy milk every day.After asking friends who had had children around, others were more than 30, and they couldn’t be at ease.

I believe that doctors have experience than patients

For two weeks, there were no symptoms such as bleeding during this period. Finally, I finally took the second blood drawing. When I print the report form, my hands were trembling. Β-HCG was 187520.45mlu/ml./ml, only two units in the last time, still very low, far from 25, but at least not decreased. Go to see the doctor again.Seeing the fetal heart buds on the B -ultrasound, it was relieved, but the doctor told me not to take it lightly, and continued to take medicine. After all, it was stable after three months.

Pregnant mothers should relax their mindset

I have eaten progesterone tablets for the third month, because the progesterone value is not important after three months. The third week after two weeks is only 20ng/ml.But the fetus develops normally.This daring day is just the past.Low progesterone does not necessarily cause abortion of fetal abortion. If the β-HCG value is normal, it is only low that the progesterone is low, don’t be too panic, according to the doctor’s suggestion,Strong.

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