Do not ignore calcium deficiency during pregnancy. The following symptoms appear, indicating that you are missing calcium

After women are pregnant, their bodies are no longer alone, and they have to provide necessary conditions for their baby’s growth and development.So at this time, the pregnant mother still has to think about her baby. It is the so -called one to eat two people to make up for it!After all, the development of the fetus is absorbed from the mother’s nutrients. Whether the pregnant woman’s own nutrition supplement is comprehensive and sufficient, which will directly affect the normal development and growth of the baby.During pregnancy, when the fetus reaches a stage, it will have a lot of need for calcium elements, because calcium elements have a very important role in the development of fetal bones.Then at this time, pregnant women must replenish a lot of calcium. When your body lacks calcium elements, these three performances mentioned below will appear. Pregnant mothers must attract attention.

The legs are often cramps.

I believe that most people who have worn their children have experienced leg cramps, especially in the middle of pregnancy, the condition of leg cramps becomes more and more frequent, and the leg cramps usually occur when the pregnant woman sleeps at night, which will affect the pregnant woman’s woman’s’s.Sleep.First of all, the cause of leg cramps may be due to the cold of women’s bodies, so pregnant women should pay attention to covering the quilt when going to bed at night, and be careful not to be cold.If pregnant women can exclude the condition of being cold, it is likely that the pregnant woman is deficient in calcium. This is because the calcium elements in women’s blood have less, which causes the leg muscles to be easily excited, so that women have symptoms of cramps. ThereforeWomen should timely supplement calcium, can eat more seafood and drink pork rib soup.

Teeth become loose.

Everyone should have heard of such a joke in life: Every child born, the pregnant mother will lose a teeth.This has caused many pregnant women to have the problems of loosening teeth and gum pain during pregnancy. It is considered a normal phenomenon, but in fact, this is actually the lack of calcium in women’s bodies, because calcium is very important for the health of the teeth.of.For pregnant women, if their own calcium is not sufficient, the fetus cannot absorb the calcium required for their physical development. Moreover, the fetus has a great demand for calcium, which makes the pregnant mother’s body easily deficiency in calcium, so that the pregnant woman will make the pregnant woman make the pregnant woman.There are some symptoms of calcium deficiency, and the loose teeth are a very obvious symptom.Therefore, once a pregnant woman has a problem of loose teeth, she must go to the hospital for examination in time to see if it is caused by the lack of calcium in the body.

Joint pain.

By the end of pregnancy, with the continuous development and growth of the baby, the stomach of the pregnant woman has become bigger and bigger, and the burden on the body will increase, which will put pressure on women’s joints.In addition, progestin during pregnancy also affects the joints of the body, so at this time, pregnant women often have symptoms of backache back pain, but if joint pain occurs, pregnant women must not ignore it. This is likely to be due to the lack of physical body.Caused by calcium, pregnant women must pay attention to replenishing calcium in time to ensure the normal intake of calcium!

In fact, there are many ways to supplement calcium, mainly to eat more foods with high calcium content.In addition, pregnant women should pay attention to the sun every day. This can also help the body to better absorb calcium elements, or can also buy some calcium supplements under the guidance of a doctor, which can also achieve a good calcium supplement effect!

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