Do not panic when you touch the "Eryang" during pregnancy.

The new crown has not disappeared, but it is temporarily suppressed under my country’s correct epidemic prevention policy and everyone’s coordination.

Now, the situation of Eryang has appeared in many places, and the peak of Eryang has also appeared in many places, proving that the new crown’s "Volumes of the soil comes

Many people are worried about their mothers, what should I do if I encounter "Eryang" during pregnancy?

If pregnant women have infected the new coronary virus, conditional non -symptoms or mild patients can consult online and communicate with the doctor to adjust the prenatal examination plan, but if any situation occurs, seek medical treatment immediately.

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1. Pregnant women’s body temperature appears at a high fever that lasts more than 39 ° C;

2. Have obvious breathing difficulties;

3. Dizziness or headache increases, blood pressure rises, and vague vision;

4. Holding your breath, panic, and blurred consciousness;

5. Severe chest pain or cough; the self -feel is serious;

6. Occupible emergencies, such as painful contractions with laws or approaching the law;

7. Decreased fetal movement or abnormal frequent relief, or the fetal movement disappears;

8. vaginal bleeding, flow fluid, etc.

In addition, pregnant women in the third trimester need to pay special attention to fetal movement.

Eryang is coming, can the inspection not be done?

NT color Doppler ultrasound (11-13+6 weeks of pregnancy); Tang’s screening (15-20 weeks of pregnancy); system color ultrasound (20-24 weeks of pregnancy); gestational diabetes screening (24-28 weeks of pregnancy), etc.The above -mentioned inspection items have a critical time period. After communicating with the hospital and doctors in advance, we should be determined after communicating with the hospital and doctors. When you seek medical treatment, wearing a mask should be regulated to reduce the hospital stay time.

Does the infection of the new coronal virus during pregnancy affect the fetus?

The current research believes that the incidence of abortion and congenital deformities after new crowns infection has not increased.The probability of fetal infection caused by the infection of the new coronal virus in the late pregnancy is very low, so pregnant mothers should not panic.

Warm reminder of Suining Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital: In the face of the new crowns, there is no need to be afraid, do good protection, and standardize the production inspection. We will join hands with the pregnant mothers to protect the mother and child peace!

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