Do n’t forget to do a free marriage check before you “control” for a happy marriage

February 22 is also the 22nd of the first month of Ren Yin in the lunar calendar, or on Tuesday, and was hailed by netizens as the most "two" days in history. At the same time, because of "two" harmonic "love", this day is also the most called the most called the day.The days of "love" have become a popular date for newcomers to receive permits.

Many quasi -new people are nervous about building a happy family, but they often ignore the important part of the marriage inspection. They do not realize that the marriage check is a very necessary thing for family happiness in the future.Responsible for love, responsible for future generations, marriage checkups will be checked for your happy marriage.

Are you ready before marriage?

How to avoid the gathering of crowds during the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, and the new people who are preparing to get a certificate can complete the marriage inspection in advance to avoid the peak of the marriage inspection that day. You will definitely use this guide.

1. What is a marriage check?

Pre -marital examination is a health check for couples who are about to enter the temple of marriage. You can understand the health of both men and women before marriage through the marriage inspection, and you can find some physical abnormalities or diseases, including the abnormal development of male or female reproductive systems., Chronic diseases, infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, genetic diseases, etc.

2. Who can enjoy a free marriage inspection?

The male and female parties or both are prospective newcomers in Beijing’s household registration.

3. What are the service principles of free marriage inspection?

In order to meet the conditions and prepare for marriage, men and women who are preparing for marriage provide free marriage and pre -pregnancy health services in the marriage registration session.Both men and women plan to get pregnant within half a year, and can directly enjoy the pre -pregnancy health check service.

4. What about marriage and pregnancy tests include?

Pre -marital medical examinations In accordance with 575 yuan/pair of standards, service content includes 15 items including health education, physical examination, laboratory inspection, imaging examination, pre -marital health consultation and guidance;The content includes 25 items including eugenics health education, medical history inquiry, physical examination, clinical laboratory examination, imaging inspection, risk assessment, consultation guidance.

5. Who pays these costs?

The above inspection items do not need to bear the cost, all of which are paid by the government.

Kind tips:

1. New people can conduct free pre -marital inspections before receiving the certificate, and understand the physical conditions of the two parties in advance, eliminating the marriage checkpoint on the day of the certificate.

2. During the epidemic, pay attention to personal protection, wear a mask, and keep a safe distance.

3. In order to facilitate newcomers, our hospital has set up a wedding and pregnancy inspection service area next to the Marriage of the Shunyi District Government Service Center, and conducts a series of services such as marriage inspection consulting and laboratory.

4. If you are willing to get a marriage check on the day, please check in an empty stomach in the morning.

Text | Li Dan, the Department of Women’s Health

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