Do you believe in a baby dream?

After giving birth to a son, I occasionally watched a Korean drama. When I talked about the dream of fetal dreams, I was surprised that when I was pregnant, I did it really, and I remember it after waking up.The situation of fetal dreams is still vivid.

When I was pregnant, my heart always hoped to be a son.Sweats will not be, fearing that there will be girls who will not dress her.

My mother’s family, including me, has 4 children, I am the smallest. I am a sister, two brothers, brothers, and sisters in front of me, so my mother has the hope of having a girl on me. She does not understand me.Be careful when you want to have a boy [laugh and cry]

For more than 8 months of pregnancy, there was a night of night, and I dreamed that I had gathered a lot of people with my mother. It was crowded. Then a middle -aged woman came over with a girl and handed it to me.The girls are very beautiful and big eyes. I feel like this with my husband. Anyway, I felt that the girl was a bit like a star Xu Qing. My mother told me that this girl would be the girl.At that time, I thought about asking a boy, and then he was hesitant. I didn’t answer. My mother kept urging me and said that the girl was beautiful. I asked my mother in my heart: which beautiful?As a result, my mother replied: The feet are beautiful.I still thought about the boy in my heart, so I didn’t speak again. Later, the middle -aged woman who hugged the child turned and left.

Later, I really couldn’t bear curiosity. When I was about to happen, I found an acquaintance to take a B -ultrasound. I knew that I was really pregnant with a boy.Soon I really dreamed of my son’s appearance. My eyes followed me with a small eye, but the eyelashes were long.When my son was born, it was really the same as what I dreamed.

I don’t believe in fortune -telling, but I really feel that the dream of fetal dreams is true.Those who can become mother and child, mother and daughter are destined to be the destined.

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