Do you dare to cough when you are pregnant?

After watching the last patient, he was preparing to wash his hands. Xiao Sun walked in with a smile. The dean, a pregnant mother asked about the severe cough, whether it had an impact on the fetus, please ask the dean to science.

Looking at the beautiful and pure eyes of Xiaosun, can you say no?

Whether cough affects the fetus during pregnancy mainly depends on what is the pathogen that causes cough.There are many causes of cough, such as upper respiratory tract infection, bronchial infection, pneumonia, etc. If it is common virus, mycoplasma or bacteria, before these pathogens are not well controlled, the germs can enter the blood of pregnant women, which is infected with placenta infection.fetus.Some diseases in the early pregnancy can cause miscarriage and fetal malformations; in the middle and late pregnancy, intrauterine infection can affect the endless ending of fetal development, intrauterine hypoxia, premature birth, and asphyxia after birth.Therefore, when pregnant women have a cold or respiratory infection with cough and sputum, they should seek medical treatment in time.Doctors will choose drugs that are effective but have a small impact of fetal.

Most of the pregnancy cough is accompanied by a cold, often caused by exogenous infection or cold.Many pregnant mothers have experienced cough after a cold. Generally speaking, pregnant women have no impact on the fetus, but if frequent and severe cough may increase the pressure of the abdominal cavity, inducing the possibility of abortion or premature birth.

When pregnant women have a cold and cough during pregnancy, the fetal heartbeat may be accelerated.Because pregnant women have increased their heart rate during a cold, the heart rate of the fetus will also be accelerated.Especially when the hair is around, the hair is generally more than 38.5 degrees, which will affect the fetus. The baby is afraid of heat.I went to the hospital to find a doctor for treatment.

The normal fetal heart of the fetus is 120-160 times per minute, especially when the late pregnancy is too fast than 160 times/min or too slower to less than 120 times to show that the baby is hypoxic in the belly.

If the pregnant mother does not have a cold, she just coughs and does not get around. It has little effect on the fetal heart of the fetus. You can go to the hospital to test the blood image. If the blood elephant is highly inflamed, you must use some antibiotics and cough medicines under the guidance of the doctor.

In addition, in order to treat cough, whether it is Chinese medicine or western medicine, it cannot be taken without authorization, because cough is also divided into fever, cold, phlegm and cough, etc. For the health of the fetus in the abdomen.Doctors are under guidance, especially three months before pregnancy.It is best to go to the respiratory department in a timely manner to check the blood routine. Doctors are treated according to your specific situation.

It is recommended that pregnant women who have a cold can be used reasonably under the guidance of a doctor. On the other hand, in the early days of a cold, you can also use more methods of drinking water and paying attention to keeping warm.If the fetal heart is increasing fast, you can interrupt oxygen under the guidance of a doctor, or use drugs to improve the symptoms. You should usually pay attention to rest, avoid excessive fatigue, strengthen examination during pregnancy, and check on time.

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