Do you have cancer, do you not eat pigeon meat?Doctors suggest: 4 categories of "hair products" should be eaten less

In recent years, the incidence of cancer has become higher and higher, especially the incidence of cancer has shown a younger trend. Some tumor patients pay special attention to diet after cancer.

There are many ways to say about the diet of cancer patients. Some people think that they cannot eat red meat, and some people think they cannot eat chicken, duck, beef, lamb, etc.

Because some foods in life belong to hair products, it will cause tumors to grow easily too fast and promote the recurrence of tumor. Therefore, most of the tumor patients dare not eat hair products.


What is "hair"?

Hair products are a concept of traditional Chinese medicine, mainly referring to the symptoms of physical discomfort or aggravating certain diseases if they enter the human body when they enter the human body.

The origin of hair products can be traced back to ancient medical literature. The classification of hair products has a very close relationship with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine health, and the "hair" in the hair products means the attribute of food.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that food attributes are different, so the impact on the body is different. For example, warm food can promote qi and blood operation, and cold food can clear heat and detoxify.

In the treatment of Chinese medicine, different food taboos and food recommendations will be adopted according to different condition and physical condition.With the development of medicine, some scientists conducted related research on hair products, and finally found that some hair products would adversely affect the health of the body.

For example, spicy food, pickled food, high -sugar food, high -fat food, irritating food, which is easy to promote the occurrence and development of the disease.


Do you have cancer, do you not eat pigeon meat?

Some people think that pigeon meat is a hair product. Cancer patients are not conducive to controlling the condition after consumption, and can cause cancer recurrence. Is this right?

In fact, there are many factors that induce cancer, such as external environmental factors, genetic factors, etc., but there is no clear evidence that eating pigeon meat can induce cancer.

If cancer patients are blindly avoided, they will cause the body to lack nutrition and be not conducive to the recovery of the disease. Therefore, there is no need to avoid special taboos. If the cancer patients have malnutrition, the cancer cells will not be starved to death, and the speed of deterioration will be faster.

For cancer patients, eating pigeon meat in moderation can supplement nutrients for the body, and can also enhance the body’s resistance, but the following hair products should be eaten less.


Doctors suggest: 4 categories of "hair products" should be eaten less

Spicy food

Cancer patients should usually stay away from spicy foods, such as green onions, ginger and garlic, etc. These foods can cause blood heat, which is not conducive to the convergence of the disease. Some cancers have a lot to do with their diet.


Some people usually like to eat some barbecue foods, especially in the summer, eating barbecue and drinking beer is simply the most beautiful partner, but for cancer patients, it should be far from this kind of food, because carcinogens will cause carcinogens during the production process.It will increase the condition and cause the difficulty of treatment.


There are also many foods in seafood, and the nature of seafood is cold, which is also easy to lead to the cold feeling of the body, causing the body to be cold and not conducive to metabolic function, especially some seafood foods also contain a lot of cholesterol, too much intake, too much intakeIt is easy to cause metabolic diseases and increase the risk of cancer.


Alcohol contains a large amount of ethanol. After entering the human body, it will be converted into acetaldehyde, and acetaldehyde will destroy the cell DNA structure, which can easily cause genetic mutations, and then induce cancer. Drinking for a long time will cause liver cell abnormalities.Essence


Cancer patients should pay attention to three problems in diet

Don’t force the patient to make blind supplements

If cancer patients are usually blindly supplemented, they will cause appetite, nausea, vomiting, etc., and may not even continue treatment, so try to eat some foods that patients with cancer patients are usually as much as possible.

Can’t eat supplements casually

Cancer patients should not eat supplements casually. If they are taken at will, it will cause cancer cells to grow too fast, so you should consult a doctor before taking supplements.

Nutritional balance

Cancer patients should also pay attention to maintaining nutritional balance in normal times. They can obtain nutrients for the body, which is conducive to improving resistance and fighting cancer cells.

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