Do you have to use "special" skin care products for pregnant women?Pregnant mother: Skin care must first understand these three points

Taking advantage of the Queen’s Day!Sisters who are bottomed out of skin care products quickly have a wave of waves!Today, I will share with you a wave of good things during pregnancy. After all, I do n’t care about skin care during pregnancy. Be careful to become a “yellow -faced wife” after conceiving in October.

There are many pregnant mothers who are struggling with skin care during pregnancy.

Q1: Is skin care during pregnancy?

No one’s skin is naturally good. They are maintained by skin care. Young and age advantage are young, but pregnancy is the "watershed" of women. If you do not do skin care work, the skin problems will be exposed at this stage.

Therefore, you must skin care during pregnancy!

Q2: Can you still use skin care products before pregnancy?

As long as it is safe and suitable for your skin, it is available.Just choose these 2 points when choosing.

① Choose a regular skin care brand

Regardless of whether it is a big -name or a second and third -tier pregnancy skin care products, it must be formal. If you use the three -proof products, you will only "bad face"!

② To understand skin care components during pregnancy, those who need to avoid.

Although the role of skin care products is generally on the surface and it is difficult to enter the deep, it is better to avoid it carefully during pregnancy.

③ Choose a mild and low -sensitive skin care products

Skin care products have many effects, such as moisturizing, anti -aging, exfoliating, whitening, etc., and the skin is unstable due to the impact of hormones during pregnancy. At this time, it is necessary to choose simple and not complicated skin care products.

Q3: How can I maintain skin stability during pregnancy?

Control the intake of sugar

The principle of empty sugar is the same as the "abstain from sugar" in the weight loss period.One is too much intake, and the skin is easy to be unstable, such as acne, and the other is excessive intake, which will increase the risk of gestational diabetes.

I have a sugar amount during pregnancy: increased 200 kcal on the basis of pregnancy. The daily staple food intake is 400 grams or greater than 400 grams, and it is eaten with miscellaneous grains.

2. Choose skin care products that are easy to use without thunder

My skin texture: Pregnancy directly becomes a "large oil field", and the lighting will be oil, and the skin is light and allergic.

Demand: Oil control, adjust the balance of water and oil, maintain stability

Frequent Milk Washing Milk

I like a facial cleanser, the ingredients are safe, and the non -irritating domestic pregnant baby brands are the main: more secure. I also passed the EU ECORECT and COSMOS certification reports. The security is higher than the EU standards, and it is safe to use during pregnancy.

It is easy to foam, squeeze a bit to make rich and delicate foam. The cleaning effect is better. The fat on the face can be cleaned clean. There is no fake slip and residue.Without irritation, the use of sensitive muscles is very comfortable.

Add a neuride T5 (five types of neosamide) to enhance the sebum film to resist the loss of facial skin water. After cleaning, the skin is smooth and delicate.

Nenfu water milk

It is developed by the four major maternity and infant laboratories. The main: safety, professional, effective, 0 alcohol, 0 flavor 0 pigment and other 15 non -added. It has also passed the EU CMPC and the EU CE.Very guaranteed.

The main core ingredient -folic acid, this ingredient is very important and mild for pregnant mothers. The packaging is also very "calm" using glass transparent scrub bottle.EssenceThis can be seen completely.

The essence water texture is very refreshing, and there is no sticky feeling. It is absorbed on the face; the essence milk is a bit thinner than the cream, the moisturizing and moisturizing effect is very good.

After about two weeks, the skin recovered similarly, and finally no longer crazy!Contains ingredients such as sodium hyaluronic acid and citrus grass ingredients. It has good hydration and moisturizing. Each time the face is finished, it is very moist, and the skin feels much brighter.

Estee Lauder Eye Cream

The skin care is almost the same, only to find that there are dark circles, and there are still a little fine lines. There were no way to choose several models and decided to start with it.The ingredients are safe.

The effect is still quite possible. Applying it in the eyes of the eyes has accelerated blood circulation, light yellow creamy texture, which is very clear and moisturized. The coolness of the eyes around the eyes can eliminate the fatigue for a whole day.

Use method:

① Take a pearl -sized eye cream and apply it, the end of the eye, the eyes, and the eye.

② Like the piano, you can make a song around the skin around the eyes, just wait for the absorption.

After doing the moisturizing work, we must persist every day. Don’t feel that you don’t need to apply sunscreen without the sun!Ultraviolet rays are at any time!

Lancome sunscreen

The smearing feeling on the face is really bars!The film is super fast, not sticky, and there will be no mud after applying makeup after applying.

During the epidemic, we wore a mask every day without stuffy acne, very good!If you must say that the disadvantage is that the price is a little expensive, and a little bit of burning money …

3. Keep your mentality stable

The first pregnancy is inevitable anxiety,+progesterone rises, skin redness, swelling and acne is common, relaxing the mood, and enjoying every day.

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