Do you know about the things about the popularity of hepatitis B pregnancy?

RecentWhat should I pay attention to?In fact, hepatitis B is not as terrible as imagined. Most of the regular treatment can be safe and smooth.

The pathway of hepatitis B is: blood transmission, sexual intercourse communication, mother and baby communication.Maternal and baby vertical transmission is indeed an important way to spread hepatitis B. Many women infected with hepatitis B virus are worried that they will transmit hepatitis B virus to their children. Will there be any impact on the fetus during pregnancy and whether they will cause fetal malformations.

March 18th is the 21st National Love Day. The theme of this time is "Love Liver and Liver, Prevention and treatment, and curb hepatitis."Today we solve these problems together!

Question: Can women with hepatitis B carry or hepatitis B activity period be pregnant?Do I need anti -hepatitis B virus treatment?

Answer: The age of childbearing age and preparation for pregnancy should screen six hepatitis B. For hepatitis B antigen HBSAG-positive, the hepatitis B virus volume HBV-DNA needs to be detected.For patients with anti -virus therapy, interferon or nucleoside drugs such as virus antiviral treatment can be used before pregnancy.Hepatitis B pregnant women who are taking antiviral drugs before or during pregnancy should continue to treat antiviral treatment after giving birth, and according to the response of the virus, decide whether to continue the original treatment plan or other antiviral treatment.

Question: What if I accidentally get pregnant during hepatitis B antiviral?

Answer: Patients with unexpected pregnancy during nucleoside antiviral treatment may not end pregnancy, and it is recommended to replace it with Nonofir to continue treatment.Continue pregnancy.High-level HBV-DNA is a high-risk factor for maternal and infant communication. If the HBV-DNA quantitative in the middle and late pregnancy is> 2 × 105 IU / ml, it is recommended to communicate with the patients full. On the basis of their informed consent, it is 24 ~ 24 ~Nucleoside antiviral treatment starts at 28 weeks. Breastfeeding is not contraindicated when applying antiviral treatment.

Pregnant women with oral nucleoside antivirus during hepatitis B should be discontinued immediately after delivery or taking the medicine immediately after 1 to 3 months.Some patients may have hepatitis activity after stopping the drug, and most of them occur within 24 weeks, and postpartum monitoring should be strengthened.The liver biochemical indicators and HBV -DNA can be reviewed at 4 to 6 weeks after delivery. If the liver function is normal, it will be reviewed every 3 months to 6 months after delivery. If hepatitis B activity, antiviral treatment is recommended.

Question: Under what circumstances is it unsuitable for patients with hepatitis B patients?

Answer: 1. During the loss of liver cirrhosis, it is recommended not to get pregnant, so as not to occur during the long pregnancy.2. Patients with severe liver function, it is recommended not to get pregnant for the time being.Risks, especially during pregnancy, gradually aggravate the burden on the liver.It is recommended to regularly treat the stability of liver function before considering pregnancy.3. The age of hepatitis Bye hepatitis, the risk of older pregnant women is greater, especially the diseased course of hepatitis B is very long, older, and pregnancy must be cautious.4. Patients with hepatitis B with other diseases.Please go to the Department of Gastrointestinal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology Outpatient Clinic for consultation.

Q: Can hepatitis B male patients with anti -hepatitis B virus treatment during the treatment of hepatitis B virus?

Answer: Male patients who are treated with interferon-α should consider childbearing 6 months after the drug discontinuation; male patients who are treated with nucleoside antiviral therapy have no evidence that the nucleoside therapy on the adverse effects of sperm treatment on the sperm treatment is not yet available.Consider fertility on the premise of fully communicating with patients.

Q: How does the newborns of hepatitis B antigen -positive mothers prevent hepatitis B?

Answer: For the newborns of HBSAG -positive mothers, they injected hepatosculus immunoglobulin as soon as possible within 12 hours of birth.Hepatitis B vaccine.Six tests of hepatitis B were performed 1 to 2 months after vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine in the third injection.

In the end, it is recommended that all hepatitis B women please go to the Ganzhou People’s Hospital to do a comprehensive assessment before planning to be pregnant, and go to the outpatient clinic and regular production examination in time after pregnancy, and regularly follow the liver function and HBV-DNA.

(Text / Lin Ye)

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