Do you know these three mint of these three powerful uses?Pick some water and drink

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Many people have heard the name of mint, but I have n’t seen the mint of this plant, and I do n’t know what kind of wonderful use it has in our lives. Today, let ’s take a look at it together.

Mint is still more common in rural areas. It is a kind of hoping plant. Although the flowers are bland, the taste is refreshing. When we smell the mint when we are tired, it will penetrate the skin from every pore.It’s right.

Mint is a fresh dish on the dining table. The main edible parts are its stems and leaves. The taste is refreshing and delicious. It can be picked in spring and summer. After washing water, it can be cooled, porridge, or make pastry, juice, etc., and can be matched with it.Wine, tea, and make a cup of mint herbal tea or mint soup in the hot summer, quench thirst and relieve heat.

Mint is perennial herb.Stems erect, 30-60 cm in height, long-length lanceolate, lanceolate, oval or ovate lanceolate, mint contains mint, mint alcohol can make the tone fresh.In the case of taste, you can use it to rinse your mouth, which is helpful to this situation.

In the summer, there are many mosquitoes. We can pick up mint leaves to cook water to take a bath. Not only can we prevent mosquito bite, but also relax the skin and relieve the fatigue of the day’s work.

However, pay attention to the following points in specific applications. It should not be consumed at night to avoid sleep distress. Drinking less can help sleep. Women who are pregnant and lactating should avoid eating.drink.

There are still many mint values and uses, divergent wind heat, clearing throat, rash and detoxifying, relieving liver and relieving depression, wind and heat, sores, rubella, measles, for reference only. Please follow the doctor’s advice for any disease.

For specific applications, please follow the local professionals. I am a peasant nutritionist to talk about health. You can pay attention to more health knowledge. Remember to praise comments and repost the collection. We will see you next time.This video is for reference only. Please follow the doctor’s advice for the treatment of any disease.This content is for reference only. Please follow the doctor’s advice for the treatment of any disease.

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