Do you need compensation after hitting the film?

Do you need compensation after hitting the film?

1. If you hit someone after filming, you can negotiate whether to compensate and reach an agreement. It is effective.

2. Under normal circumstances, if you hit a film, you should pay the other party’s medical expenses, such as filming costs and medical expenses, misrepresents, and transportation costs.Because traffic accidents cannot participate in work normally or engaged in daily production and operation activities, you should compensate for misunderstandings.The fare fee refers to the need to receive diagnosis and treatment after the road traffic accident, and the victims who suffer from personal damage need to be diagnosed to restore health, and the relevant relatives of the parties need to participate in the handling of traffic accidents.The reduction of income is compensated by the responsible party according to certain standards to the reduced income.The calculation formula of the misrepresented fee is to calculate the error time by the day’s income.

3. Legal basis: "Civil Code"

Article 1,79 [Scope of compensation for personal damage] Edible people’s personal damage if they infringe on others, they shall compensate for the reasonable expenses of medical expenses, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, nutritional expenses, and residential food subsidies.And revenue due to miscalculation.If the disability is caused, the auxiliary equipment fee and disability compensation shall also be compensated; if the death is caused, the funeral expenses and death compensation shall also be compensated.

Can I get a bail pending trial for drunk driving?

1. Drunk driving has a previous subject.After drunk driving constitutes a crime of dangerous driving, it should bear criminal responsibility.The crime of dangerous driving refers to driving a motor vehicle on the road to chase the competition, the plot is bad, or drunk driving a motor vehicle on the road.(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

2. Legal basis

Article 67 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China Article 67 of the People’s Court, the People’s Procuratorate, and the public security organs can take the bail pending trial:

(1) Those who may be sentenced to control, detention or independent application of additional punishment;

(2) It may be sentenced to punishment above the sentence, and if the bail pending trial will not cause social danger;

(3) Women who have severe diseases and cannot take care of themselves. Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding their babies will take bail pending trials and do not cause social danger;

(4) The detained period expires, and the case has not yet been completed.The bail pending trial shall be implemented by the public security organs.

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