Do you not like to eat meat during pregnancy? Will only be vegetarian affect fetal development?

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A few days ago, helping moms initiate a topic discussion on the platform -Please share the special taste and dietary preferences during pregnancy.There are a lot of strange preferences in the message. Among them,@在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在: I have been vegetarian for three months of pregnancy, and I want to vomit when I smell it. Will it affect the fetus?

Help Mom randomly interviewed several experienced mothers, and they talked about some views based on their own experience.High -energy warning ahead, ask mothers to seize themselves, and choose the method that suits them.

@To Grandma Bridge

I don’t like to eat meat before getting married. I especially like vegetables and fruits such as vegetables. I always feel that it will be uncomfortable.After pregnancy, my mother -in -law asked me to eat meat, saying that vegetarian food would affect fetal development.I tried it at the beginning, but then I wanted to vomit when I smelled it.

, Kelp, apples, carrots, spinach, etc. are rich in iron.Add calcium, iron, vitamins and protein, and can not eat meat.At that moment I was relieved.I have been vegetarian throughout my pregnancy, but I will add some necessary elements.Now my baby is two years old, she is fat and her body develops normally.

@the brightest star in the night sky

I was relatively fat in adolescence, and later I consciously controlled the weight after joining the work.A few months after the first child recovered well.When I was in the second child, I felt that the attractiveness of the meat was not great. I tried to be vegetarian and I was afraid of affecting my children.So most of the time I tried vegetarian food, and the general amount of meat is good.It is still half a month before the due date.Looking forward to healthy babies and beautiful self!


In the early stages of pregnancy, my mother -in -law thought that eating more meat can replenish physical strength and nutrition, but later I particularly disgusted the big pieces of food, and my favorite elbow also gave up.The old people said, "Being vegetarian is to have a daughter, and what is going to have a son."

During the checkup, I took the opportunity to ask the doctor. The answer was that the taste of pregnancy had nothing to do with the gender of the fetus, but it depends on progesterone, so there is no need to panic.In addition, doctors recommend pregnant women’s milk powder, cooking eggs, and recommend eating more deep -colored vegetables to supplement physical energy and necessary elements.

@Obstetrics and Gynecology Expert

"Difficult to adjust", when pregnant mothers must choose because their personal taste and baby’s health must be made. Many people choose to eat amaranth for their babies, but the effect is not good.In fact, whether it is for the effect or health, the nutritional balance is a universal key.

During pregnancy, you do n’t want to eat meat to supplement protein, calcium, iron and other elements, thereby promoting the normal operation of the body and avoiding malnutrition of your baby.In addition, remember that the pregnant mother cannot eat too much salt during the diet, otherwise it will cause hypertension for pregnant women and affect the baby’s health.Therefore, it is necessary to diversify the type of food during pregnancy during pregnancy. It is not possible to eat only one kind of food.

Finally, helping my mother wish every pregnant mother a good appetite to relax and take a good pregnancy!

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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