Do you really ca n’t eat hot pot, spicy and hot, and ice cream during pregnancy?Do n’t grieve themselves stupidly

Xinxin especially likes to eat hot pot. It is just a hot pot madness. Basically, I have to eat hot pot once a week, but after pregnancy, I heard that eating hot pot is not good for her body. She has not eaten hot pot for a long time.Once I went to the hospital for a birth checkup, she took the opportunity to ask the doctor if she could eat hot pot. I did not expect that the doctor said that it can be eaten. Just pay attention to the number of times and the type of food.Xinxin was particularly happy after listening to it, and immediately went home to eat hot pot to satisfy his appetite.She felt that she was too stupid before, and she was so wronged that she didn’t dare to eat anything. It was okay not to eat hot pot once.

Sensitive during pregnancy, some people will keep saying in the ear of pregnant mothers that they ca n’t eat this or that that can be eaten. In fact, there are so many taboos during pregnancy.Speak, if you take these things as a staple food all day, it will not work.Pay attention to these points, you can also eat these things during pregnancy.

one.Pay attention to the number of eating

Many people think that hot pot cannot be eaten during pregnancy. It is nothing more than thinking that hot pot can stimulate the body of the pregnant mother, but in fact, the body of the pregnant mother can automatically remove a small amount of stimulation, so occasionally eating hot pot will basically not have any big problems.As long as the number of hot pot is reduced to about once a month, the body of the pregnant mother will not be too affected. It is okay to pay attention to the number of times to eat ice cream. It is okay to eat it once.

two.Make light

There are many types of hot pot. Pregnant mothers should try to eat soup hot pot as much as possible. It is best to eat less hot hot pot.When choosing vegetables, do not choose stimulating foods, such as deep -sea fish, food with too much pigment, etc. When pregnant mothers eat hot pot, try to avoid it.Development is also good.

three.Pay attention to a balanced diet

The nutritional balance of pregnant mothers is very important. Pay more attention in ordinary life. Eating some foods with rich nutritional content, such as eggs, milk, vegetables, meat, etc., supplement the nutrition required for the development of the fetus.The same is true when eating hot pot. Some pregnant mothers like to eat meat, so they only shabu meat when eating hot pot. They are not nutritious and are not very good for their bodies.Pregnant mothers not only have to eat meat, but also eat more vegetables. Any healthy, not stimulating food for the body should eat some, so that even if it is hot pot, pregnant mothers can eat healthy.

Note that the above 3 o’clock, pregnant mothers can eat hot pot with confidence, don’t be wronged, the pregnant mother will be better to herself, and the fetus will be very happy.

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