Do you still believe in "dedicated" skin care products during pregnancy?Even Clarinus Poems are recruited, buy cautiously

When I was studying skin care ingredients, I felt that the formula was really beautiful.After I experienced pregnancy and child, I discovered the fraud of "skin care during pregnancy", so there were so many!Intersection

There are so many scams for "skin care during pregnancy"!Intersection

Deception 1: Pregnant women dedicated to women

Deviter for pregnant women is absolutely safe?Is it suitable for pregnant women?

Compared with ordinary women, pregnant women have multiple small lives in their stomachs.If it is said that an ingredient has an impact on the baby, it is definitely not suitable for pregnant women.

What are the ingredients that are not suitable for pregnant women?

To put it bluntly, the state can agree to add the 7788 components that are added in skin care products. Only a dozen dozen are not suitable for pregnant women.

These ingredients do not have any cases to prove that external use will be harmful, but there are oral or animal experiments prove that there are hidden safety hazards!

To ensure absolute safety, it is not recommended to use during pregnancy.

Clarins should know that they have been focusing on pregnant women, but the product components were not safe in the early years.

Cheating 2: 0 preservatives 0 add

I personally think that "0 preservatives 0 add" to say that straight spots are that all ingredients that are not good for skin exist.

Skin care products without preservatives are like small salted fish without salt, and they have broken before they can come out.

Any skin care products, when you buy it in the market, you will definitely add preservatives and skin care products without preservatives. It will only proliferate more microorganisms. At that time, will your face be more?

Is there no preservatives on the market, and the fragrance -free products are "IQ Taxes"?

It is not exactly the case. Some of the ingredients in some high -quality products replace the effect of anticorrosion.

Such as: a multi -alcohol anticorrosive system, with tanol and ethylene glycol to resist corrosion.Such as: Nenfu, FANCL and other brands.

There are indeed no preservatives, but it also has product effects, which is safer than traditional preservatives.

Of course, this high -quality anti -corrosion also has certain defects.

Like: Nenfu is added with 0 anticorrosive 0, but the shelf life is 12 months after the sealing.(It is more than enough for a set of water milk in December)

It should be noted that some expectant mothers will place an order crazy as soon as they look at it without anticorrosive O.As a result, there were too much alcohol and hydrogenated sesame oil in the formula … The sensitive muscle was tingled with facial tingling.So how to choose skin care, you still need to take a comprehensive consideration ~

Take the example of skin care products commonly used in pregnancy and skin care on the market:

Nenfu skin care set

Proclaimed: None, with polyol (butanol, martyl glycol instead of anticorrosive)

Maybe many people have never heard of Nenfu, a brand of pregnant women in Germany.It is a rising star that has only emerged in China in recent years.It has a wide range of mass foundations and recognition in Germany.

The product is studied by the German Orth Hane Science Laboratory, and all products meet EWG international security standards.After passing more than 40 kinds of people testing, 26 kinds of allergens were excluded, and then after a number of international testing and certification, they dared to "debut".

Ingredient & core technology:

All products mainly focus on the core edible grade folic acid ingredients. Through the extraction of advanced fermentation technology of German microorganisms, it is used in skin care products to exert its strong moisturizing effect.

For folic acid, expectant mothers should be no stranger.Use folic acid in skin care is relatively easier to persist than orally.

In addition, patent hydration is also rare in the industry.There are patented imported ingredients such as Japanese late cherry blossoms and French glycerin glycoside, which strongly lock the surface of the skin on the surface of the skin. It has a very significant effect on firming the skin and smoothing dry lines during pregnancy.

experience feelings:

Lottery quality is like a milk cover, which is very silky water texture, which is very good to apply.

Personally feel that it is slightly thinner than other pregnant women on the market. There is no sticky feeling after skin, and the skin feels lighter.

The essence of the water is relatively clear, close to the water shape.It can be used for wet compresses during pregnancy.Whether you change the season or the stable hormone stability in the early stages of pregnancy, cause the skin barrier to be damaged, there is tightness/tingling pain/burning sensation/red allergy/allergies, and it can be soothing after wet application.The skin is very moist.


Proclase: 1 flavors+1 preservatives (benzene oxygenol)

Chan Yun Shi’s water milk match is much better than the previous yellow water composition.

Ingredient & core technology:

Seedsian extract -contains a variety of protein and alkaloids, which has a good convergence effect on the skin. At the same time,

It can also moisturize and regulate sebum secretion of the skin.

Tianshan feathers and grass -collaborative inhibit melanin transfer to the epidermis

Jieye Cherry Seed -Increasing oxygen consumption rate+15%, antioxidant, promoting metabolism

Feeling: If it is a mid -to -high -end and skin care brand in the pregnant woman, Clarins are not cost -effective.

In terms of skin feel: The skin of the toner is very thick, even my dry skin feels sticky.

In terms of effect: I didn’t see much about the whitening effect of whitening.Whitening was originally a inverse -based nature. To be honest, it is really difficult to change skin care products alone.

Another point is that the fragrance is slightly pungent, and it is not recommended to use severe pregnancy reactions during pregnancy.

Avene spray

Scholarship during pregnancy can be used.Avene is also a brand specially created for sensitive skin, and the safety of ingredients is also passed.

If water has been used, in fact, I think this spray is not necessary to use it again.Because the ultimate moisturizing effect is lotion or cream.

Feeling: But simply for the skin care of the skin care, you can use some hydrating spray in moderation.

For dry skin during pregnancy, the hydration spray alone is not enough to hydrate, so it is necessary to do hydration work in the future. The role of this spray is mainly timely hydrating.Do not expect to sleep deeply.

Chanel Mountain Camellia Moisturizing Essence

Proclase: 1 flavors+1 preservatives (benzene oxygenol)

The Camellia series is a series of Chanel word of mouth.Mountain tea flower moisturizing essence is really a product that must be entered.Getting on is full of noble lady.

Ingredient analysis:

Adopt unique independent microcarbon technology to make the essence full of small dense bubbles.

Extract the camellia extraction ingredients, integrate raw materials with unique craftsmanship, and have a good moisturizing and moisturizing antioxidant effect.

Most of them are moisturizing ingredients.

Use experience: Generally speaking, it is a relatively safe moisturizing essence, which has a slightly antioxidant function.

The texture is similar to a gel state. The ductility is pretty good after squeezing out.The moisturizing effect is really good.

As for the value is not worth buying, it is difficult to say.After all, personal consumption concepts are different, but if a bottle of essence can only play a role in moisturizing, it is not worth it.

In addition, fragrance and personal preferences.Chanel fragrance is really pungent, but I personally prefer this fragrance.

After speaking skin care, let’s talk about a scam about makeup!

Deception 3, there are more metals in lipstick. Will you poison if you eat too much?Intersection

It has been questioned whether it can be red during pregnancy.

The most fundamental reason for the doubt of pregnant mothers is nothing more than the heavy metal content in lipstick, and I am afraid that it will hurt the fetus!

Objective analysis, heavy metal saying is not at all.Rice, vegetables, and fruits at home.The main thing is to see if it exceeds the standard.

Lipsticks have strict standards in cosmetics, and there is no need to worry about safety standards.

How much lipstick can cause heavy metal poisoning?It’s almost 3G.It is equivalent to a lipstick and you ate all at one time.

Therefore, every time you apply this point, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

YSL lipstick 76 color

Cinnamon mud jujube red!Very colorful temperament red.It is the kind of intellectual and generous.It’s the kind of red, but a bit of purple tone.

The texture is pretty moist and not dry.So it is recommended not to bring a mask after applying it!I personally think it is very versatile, not too much skinny

There are so many routines about pregnancy and skin care. I hope it can be a bit helpful for you during pregnancy!Intersection

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