Do you think he is handsome?Pooh!nausea

Yesterday, a sister posted a video to Sister Sister. After watching it, I couldn’t help but burst!

This video is like this. A man is embarrassed and kicks and kick into various screens. I don’t know what you feel after watching it?

To be honest, if it wasn’t for this, Sister Sister really didn’t know this person.After reading the news on the Internet, I realized that the name of the person who made this action was Liu Zhoucheng. It turned out to be a member of a combination. This time, the hot search is not because of the good singing, but because of the active performance, but because of domestic violenceIntersection

This buddy’s uncomfortable expression, some netizens speculated that he was his ex -wife perspective, and he directly responded to a ax directly:

An actor who cannot be famous for his talents has attracted more than 300,000 fans by entertainment. Although the account has been blocked now, it still makes people feel creepy.

Liu Zhoucheng was a member of the former Linghe combination. Anyway, this group, Sister Sister, I don’t know.But this is not the first time that he has been exposed for domestic violence. He has previously been aborted in the first child.

In 2017, when the child was more than 5 months old, Lin Miao suddenly announced that he had divorced Liu Zhoucheng, and accused Liu Zhoucheng who repeatedly implemented her serious domestic violence during her pregnancy and confinement.A child’s small property!

Is it still a matter of people to do it during the pregnancy and confinement of many times?

The woman also showed a record of a hospital for a hospital:

The two divided into divorce and remarried. Who knew that it was less than a month after remarriage, Lin Miao was pregnant again, and Liu Zhoucheng once again violently violently pregnant Lin Miao!

After the domestic violence, Liu Zhou achieved like many violent men’s operations. He begged for forgiveness from the slap of the fan, and all kinds of vowing gambling mantras kneeling kneeling. He also said, "I want to kill themselves." Lin Miao againForgive him softly.

The terrible thing is that these "no next time" guarantee is often useless.In October 16th, Liu Zhoucheng’s Lin Miao, who was 8 months of pregnancy, was once again pregnant: Lin Miao:

In this way, a person’s change turned into a blogger of hundreds of thousands of fans. While playing with the family stubborn, "positive energy" was hanging on the mouth, and many people even attached to the comment area, and even expressed themselves that they were in the comment area and even expressed themselves."Black Turn"!

And Liu Zhoucheng’s "positive energy" use is all kinds of punching and kicking on the screen:

And he just attracted a lot of fans by relying on such a violent person, and there were really people who really eat this set, because these magical fans interacted with him, all of which were beaten or let him fight!

It’s "New Sandbag"!

Sister Sister doesn’t know what kind of education this was a child. I don’t know if this new girlfriend really doesn’t know, or knows it, but can she not care about everything for traffic?

If it is really for hype, or it is true love, then you can only wish her good luck. Do n’t break up for a lifetime, do n’t break up, do n’t come out to harm others!

Now is the Internet society. Sister Sister thinks that playing stalks is nothing, but the domestic violence is not suitable for playing, let alone play.

Behind the word "domestic violence" is the wounds, pain and tears of countless people.

Do you still remember that the previous year, there was a "net red makeup", did you paint your face out of the effect of "family violence" with a swollen nose and face?

After searching, it turned out that the stars turned into this makeup to oppose domestic violence. As a result, this trend did not know how it became a kind of net celebrity symbol. Various beauty bloggers have followed them. Some are also equipped withSuch a copywriting:

"I am still beautiful by domestic violence, and eyelashes are curved."

Look at these makeup again, all of which are bruised, but also with the prison background, and even some people still leave a message below: "It’s cool!"

Sister Sister’s first reaction, I didn’t see where this makeup is cool and where beautiful, I only feel uncomfortable!

Is it beautiful?When will the domestic violence be related to the word "beauty"?

The domestic violence I have seen only pain, only suffering, only tears, and there is nothing to do with "beauty"!

When I was a kid, my family had a little girl at the door, named Xiaoxue.We went to the same school. After we moved over, we quickly became good friends and went to school together.Her mother is a thin and quiet family woman, and she usually speaks softly.

The first time I heard the strange movement from their family was one night. We had watched TV at home after dinner. I heard the sound of quarrels from Xiaoxue’s family and the sharp cry of Xiaoxue. Mom and dad and me hurried out.look.

As soon as she entered the yard where Xiaoxue lived, she saw Xiaoxue’s mother lying in the yard, her clothes were torn, and Xiaoxue’s father was full of alcohol, and he was punching his fist to Xiaoxue’s mother’s head, and hit her face.

Xiaoxue was full of panic, crying to pull her father’s arm, but how could a little girl in elementary school be able to hold an adult who was drunk.

My mother asked me to take Xiaoxue to my house quickly. She and her dad opened the two. That night, Xiaoxue cried and fell asleep at my house.

I woke up the next day, Xiaoxue went home.I went to find her, and Xiaoxue’s mother opened the door.

I still remember her face after many years, yes, as if this hot search "domestic makeup"!It’s exactly the same!

Her eyes were beaten with a large piece of silt, and the capillaries of the half -eyeballs were ruptured. The white eyes were full of blood, and half of the eyes were blood -red, which looked a bit scary.

The corner of her mouth was cracked, and her half -mouth and face could see a bit swollen.Although wearing long sleeves, you can still see the blue and purple scars on the wrist.

This kind of thing happened again and again, drinking, domestic violence, Xiaoxue’s mother’s face and scars on her body, and slowly healed on her body again and again, and then appeared next time.

Even in summer, she often wears long sleeves, but the blue and purple face can’t cover it.Whenever those horrible nights, Xiaoxue often comes to my house. She is more and more silent and silent.

After so many years, I saw this so -called "popularity", and seeing that the domestic violence man actually attracted more than 300,000 people by violence. How many of them were bloodthirsty and even performers?

I remembered my colleague of my hospital, the sister of the nurse, she was beaten by her husband in the hospital, grabbed her hair and hit the wall, and even broke the glass door of the operating room.

The security guard reported that the man was arrested, and everyone said that he had been playing countless times at home.

I remembered Xiaoxue’s mother, facing a child after opening the door, and the kind of helplessness exposed. She wanted to cover up but didn’t know how to cover up her bruised wounds.

Blood, wounds, bruised eyes, and even interrupted legs!These are actually real pains in countless people who encounter domestic violence!

The ridicule and interesting you think are the pain and panic of the domestic violence in real life.

In the process, some people suffer the worst damage, and even lose their lives!

The eyelashes you paint again are bent, how can you emphasize that you are "cool", and then put in various POSEs that think you are handsome, and then hang "positive energy" all day on your mouth, sorry, only nausea!

The ugly carnival is creepy behind it.

Lu Xun said that human sadness and joy are not in line with.This may be the truth that we have to accept in the cruel reality.

This kind of consumer violent player stomach, so that the ugly operation of sucking powder on the Internet is really disgusting!

With the label of "domestic violence", he punched and kicked the Pose of domestic violence, just to attract traffic!These people will not realize that the real play is not as good as the death of the family members!

Is it fun?Do you think you are very funny?Is it positive?Do you think you are cool and handsome?

Family violence is the real person like yourself. He suffers from physical and psychological pain and harm. It is a cautiousness of living as a bird of shocking.

I haven’t experienced that kind of terrible, don’t think that the encounter of others is just a joke, because the knife is not cut on myself, so I won’t really feel this pain.And playing on the wounds of others, how cruel behaviors are!

Domestic violence should never be a despicable means of blog flow!

The "family violence set" who jumped into the clowns speculated by the family was deserved to be banned. This ugly carnival should have stopped!

I hope that everyone can "watch" and "like", so that more people can see this article. I hope that everyone who encounters domestic violence can stand up bravely.Speaking bravely, this is our common voice:

Resolutely oppose domestic violence!

Resolutely "tolerate 0"!

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