Do you want to continue to have a second child after cesarean section? You have to consider this problem first

Bacteria remembers that the star Chen Haomin’s wife Jiang Lisha in 2016 gave birth to a fourth child.

Within 5 years, 4 tires were given, and all of them were cesarean section.

The bacteria you watched were cold and sweaty, "too hard"!

There was another news last year, saying that a 33 -year -old pregnant woman in Guangzhou was pregnant 6 times within 5 years.

Care section 2 times, 3 abortion and 1 scar pregnancy resection surgery.

When the doctor opened the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman, she found that the scar of her uterine was ruptured throughout the layer and the fetus had reached the abdominal cavity.

Although after the rescue, the mother and child were safe,

What just in case?I dare not imagine!

To say that they took their lives because of ignorance, the pregnant woman in Guangzhou did not say that Jiang Lisha was not at all.

The bacteria know that as the second child is open, or because of some pressure, many mothers are anxious to want to have a second child, but the bacteria still want to say to the cesarean section:

Don’t worry, your body is ready to regenerate!

Regardless of your body, he is too anxious to have a baby, and the uterus may have risks such as rupture.

Therefore, Ma Ma must give yourself your body, especially the uterus, a time to recover.

——How long time to give birth to a cesarean section?Intersection

Many doctors will tell you directly: two years (or 18-24 months)!

But in fact, this time refers to the time interval between two delivery, not the time interval of two pregnancy.

Therefore, in calculating the time, the time to be pregnant in October (usually 9 months), so the accurate answer is:

You can get pregnant from 9 to 15 months after the cesarean section!

So why do you have to have a time limit?

This is related to the incision of the uterine wall after cesarean section.

The healing of a cesarean section requires three stages: fibrous scar repair, scar maturity, and scarring.

If you want to make the degree of uterine scar muscles reaching the best state, it usually takes 2 to 3 years.

If the incision of the uterine wall is too short after cesarean section, it does not heal sufficiently.

After pregnancy again, as the fetus develops, the uterus will continue to increase, and the uterine wall will become thinner.

However, at the mouth of the surgical knife, there is a connective tissue, lack of elasticity, and prone to uterine swelling.

Especially in the third trimester or during delivery, it may be like numb in the news, causing abdominal hemorrhage or even threatening life.

Therefore, if Ma Ma wants to give birth safer, especially if you want to give birth, it is necessary to give the uterus sufficient recovery time.

At this time, there must be a lot of Ma Ma 这 这:

My scar uterus has been 8 years or 10 years, is it safer?

Really!For too long, the scar is more fragile!

Because over time, the scar of the uterine incision will gradually fibrosis, and the scar tissue will become thinner and lack of elasticity.

At this time, you will still increase the risk of uterine rupture.

Therefore, the fungus is recommended to get pregnant again for cesarean section. The longest should not exceed 5 years, and the shortest is not as early as 2 years!

——What should I pay attention to after pregnancy again?Intersection

In addition to giving you enough time, when preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy, Ma Ma still needs to pay attention to these matters:

1. Evaluation of scar before pregnancy

Ma Ma is best to go to the hospital to check the recovery of the uterine scar before preparing for pregnancy, let the doctor evaluate it to see if the uterine incision is healed well;

2. Determine the position of the gestational sac during pregnancy

Take B-ultrasound at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy to determine the position of the pregnancy sac.If the symptoms of abdominal pain bleeding occur in the early pregnancy, seek medical treatment as soon as possible;

3. Avoid abdominal pressure during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is like a collision and severe physical labor during pregnancy.Constipation and cough are also avoided as much as possible.

4. Be wary of abdominal pain

As long as abdominal pain occurs, Ma Ma should go to the hospital for examination, especially in the third trimester, the scar uterus may have spontaneous rupture.

5. Choose a regular hospital for delivery

6. Go to the hospital for delivery in advance before childbirth

The closer to the output, the more the scar uterus, the greater the risk of rupture.Ma Ma can be hospitalized for two weeks in advance to find problems in time.

——The time is wrong, what should I do if I am pregnant?Intersection

There are always accidents in life, as is pregnancy.

Some cesarean sections are numb, and contraceptives have accidents, and they are pregnant again within 8 months after giving birth.

Many Ma Ma will endure the flow of people because they are worried about the rupture of the uterus.To be honest, it is a pity!

The bacteria have been nagging in front, and the uterine scar is not recovered well, and uterine rupture may occur.But this is just a probability problem.

ACOG (Society of American Obstetrics and Gynecologists) pointed out:

The cesarean section has a child again. If you choose vaginal delivery, the probability of rupture of the uterus will be around 3%.If you choose a cesarean section again, the probability of the self -cracking of the uterus will not exceed 1%.

There are also hospitals in our country who have conducted actual investigations. More than 400 cases of cesarean section are numb. Even if it is a good delivery, the success rate is more than 90%. Only 1 case of the parade has occurred, and the mother and child are safe.

As long as he Ma Ma should toss his body as long as he is in Guangzhou Ma Ma in the previous news.Time is wrong, and things are not serious enough to give up the fetus.

In short, the cesarean section is best to prepare for the baby after the childbirth is 9-15. If the time does not arrive, don’t rush to give up the fetus, go to the hospital for examination and evaluation, and finally make a decision.

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