Do you want to continue working after pregnancy?The answer from the people is very practical, not only related to wages!

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Recently, colleague Xiao Liu Fa found that she was pregnant, and her mother -in -law and husband wanted her to go home to give birth.However, because it was not long before entering the company, Xiao Liu didn’t know how to speak to the boss, and worried that the boss and colleagues felt that they would "deceive" maternity leave.On the one hand, Xiao Liu was unwilling to be friendly colleague’s friendship, and on the other hand, he couldn’t bear to refuse the kindness of her mother -in -law and husband.

When we were in trouble, we decided to visit several experienced mothers to see how they balanced the relationship between work and pregnancy.After listening to everyone’s experience, Xiao Liu Kai made a choice happily. Which one would you choose?After obtaining consent, we shared the experience of several mothers, hoping to help everyone.


After graduating from college, I ran into the palace of the wedding, but in order to maintain economic independence, I still chose to find a job.After a few months, I found that I was pregnant, but I especially liked the place and my colleagues.Because I was the first child, my mother -in -law and husband attached great importance to me. I was flattered and allowed my husband to help me resign.I was also very happy to stay at home. I woke up naturally every day. My mother -in -law made me delicious. I would read the book and take a walk. Later, my life became decadent. I started watching TV series and playing games.When I went to the mall with my girlfriend, I found that I was dark in the mirror, bloated, and my girlfriend was exquisitely like a flower. I suddenly understood that this life was not what I wanted.

Therefore, I decided to return to work after discussing with my husband.The boss saw that I was very active, so he agreed to let me keep working. My colleagues knew that I was pregnant, and I took care of me when I was working to help me share some.Until the due date, my life has always been very fulfilling, and my physical fitness is very good.When my mother -in -law praised me, I was not coquettish, very capable. I was a good daughter -in -law. Although I was not boring for myself, I listened to my heart.

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My job was obtained after a very strict interview. The company’s treatment and promotion channels were particularly good, so that when I learned that I was pregnant, the first idea was that I would like to be a child, not because of cold blood, but because I still because I stillYoung, the boss and colleagues value me very much, facing the promotion immediately, it will be better in development in the future.However, my mother insisted that after consulting the doctor in the hospital, it turned out that it was best to choose to leave the child for my body. My husband also agreed to give me a concession to let me stay in the company.

Because pregnancy also insisted on work, becoming a good example in the mouth of the boss and colleagues, in the end, I took the pregnant belly to the campaign table and became a member of the middle level.In the company, colleagues will take the initiative to help me handle some small things, which makes me particularly moved.I was worried about postpartum depression after giving birth. I still chose to enrich myself in the company. I bought some small gifts for my colleagues. The boss was very satisfied. The year -end award gave me enough ability to buy milk powder and toys for my children.I felt very proud, and my husband gave me a thumbs up.

Help Mom’s heart:

There is such a saying, "Women who do not work are older." Although both mothers choose to work, I still tell my mother to have a certain understanding of their physical condition before choosing.It is very hard to have a hard work. It is very dangerous to have good physical fitness.Do not overwork because of making money, which will cause some unnecessary harm to pregnant women and babies, and it will be lost.

If you have a good physical fitness, and the work is not so hard, you feel that you can cake a piece of cake and you can cope with it. Then I suggest you have a schedule that can fulfill yourself. On the one hand, you can exercisePrevious anxiety.No matter which method is selected, it is best to communicate with the doctor and choose the most suitable and safest way.I wish mothers peace and joy, worry -free life!

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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