Do you want to wear a set during the same room during pregnancy?The correct approach is these 3 types

Introduction: Many people don’t know much about sexual life during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the life of couples has always been the most discussion among pregnant women.So the question comes to the same room during pregnancy?Today, I will help you popularize it. Although it is impossible to cause pregnancy during pregnancy, what are the problems that you need to pay attention to at this time?After reading these 3 points, you will understand!

The same room in the first three months is not suitable. Although there is no need to take contraceptive measures during the same room during pregnancy.But we recommend that the same room during pregnancy is best to use condoms. Why?

During this period, embryo development is not complete, and the embryo is still unstable in the mother’s body.Because there is prostaglandin components in semen, this ingredient has an oxytic effect, which can easily cause uterine contraction and cause abortion or premature birth.After women’s pregnancy, the body’s immune function is in a relatively inhibitory state. It is best to keep the sex organs clean. Before the same room, clean the vulva and maintain hygiene to avoid bacterial infections.So remember that the top 3 is not suitable for the same room!

In the middle of the middle, it is allowed, but it can only be a proper sex life!The physical condition and the development of the fetus in the middle of the pregnancy have been in a stable stage, and other uncomfortable phenomena have also eased.So at this time, you need to pay attention to the appropriate sex life. The prospective dad should pay attention to their actions. We must be light and not too rude.The strength should be appropriate, and the duration should not be too long. Excessive behavior will affect the fetus.At the same time, it should be noted that the stomach of the expectant mother is not allowed, and the time can be maintained in 1-3 minutes.

After 8 months of pregnancy, it is the beginning of the third trimester. At this time, sexual life is absolutely prohibited.The abdomen of pregnant women suddenly expands, back pain, and decreased sexual desire.The fetus grows rapidly, the uterus increases significantly, and the stimulus to foreign countries will be very sensitive.This is the possibility of amniotic fluid infection if sexual intercourse.The uterus is easy to shrink in the third trimester, so avoid strong stimulation of mechanical.At this time, the prospective dad should be patient, limited to gentle hugs and kisses, in order not to affect the baby’s health.

The above is the introduction of contraceptive knowledge in the same room during pregnancy. I hope to help everyone.If you have more interesting sharing, you can also send it to comment

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