Doctor, I really took contraceptives, why would I still have ectopic pregnancy?

When she walked into the emergency room, she told the doctor that I had dysmenorrhea, just give me an anti -inflammatory needle!

Her name is Xiao Mo. At the age of 21, she is a college student. According to her complaint, she has always had dysmenorrhea. Each time she is too powerful, she will go to the clinic to hang an anti -inflammatory needle.

But this time, Xiao Mo did not significantly alleviate after using an anti -inflammatory needle in the clinic. Xiao Mo felt that the medicine of the big hospital may be better. Now, she is really painful.

Dysmenorrhea is actually very common in clinical practice. It refers to lower abdomen pain and swelling before and after menstruation, accompanied by backache or other discomfort. Then, the new problem is that dysmenorrhea is not a bacterial infection. Many people use antibiotics during menstruation.This is wrong, and it is easy to cause adverse complications.

In fact, through inquiries about the history of Xiao Mo’s disease, the doctor found that she is far more simple as dysmenorrhea!

Her menstrual abnormalities have been abnormal for a long time, and she has obvious lower abdominal pain, which is mistaken for dysmenorrhea by Xiao Mo.

In addition, Xiao Mo’s complexion is very ugly. A little experienced doctor knows that it is anemia at a glance.

So, all kinds of clues are not as simple as dysmenorrhea. She is likely to be ectopic pregnancy!

The inspection must be performed immediately and emergency rescue!

But Xiao Mo did not agree with the doctor’s consideration. She told the doctor very certainly that I was absolutely not pregnant. I know my body, so you can give me some anti -inflammatory drugs!

And the girl who was panting after a few words, never expected that she would suddenly faint in the emergency room …

Three hours later, Xiao Mo opened her eyes slowly. For her, this was definitely a nightmare.

Fortunately, through three hours of emergency surgery and blood transfusion treatment, she turned to danger.

The doctor told her with certainty that she suffered from the right tubal pregnancy, also known as ectopic pregnancy. The cause is often due to the inflammation of the fallopian tube or the surrounding inflammation.Staying, implantation, and development cause abortion or rupture of tubal pregnancy.There are often no obvious symptoms before miscarriage or rupture, and there can be menopause, abdominal pain, and after rupture, appear as acute and severe abdominal pain, recurrence, severe bleeding, and even shock.

But Xiao Mo was still unwilling to believe it all. She repeatedly told the doctor that I really took emergency contraceptives, doctors …

When the doctor told her that the emergency contraceptive pill was not 100%contraception, and maybe even about 80%of the success rate, she was completely stunned.

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