Doctor, I was in the same room last night. Want to do a B -ultrasound to see ovulation and then take emergency contraceptives?

The problem of fan peach blossoms: Doctor, I was in the same room last night, do you want to do B -ultrasound to see ovulation and then take emergency contraceptives?

Pregnancy is a matter of water, and it is best to get pregnant naturally.Do n’t (想) think ~ What about the baby who wants the baby?It is naturally beautiful to avoid the ovulation period.

It is impossible to determine whether I have ovulation, and I have not had time to bring a sleeve with the fire of the men’s tickets, and I applauded for love. What should I do?Don’t want to take "regret medicine afterwards", be a B -ultrasound to see if you have ovulation?

Dr. Fu Hong’s answer is both desirable and not desirable.Why is it so vague?Wait for me to make a detailed way for you.For the young master of the childbearing age, the regular menstruation will ovulate once in each menstrual cycle, and the ovulation time mostly occurs around 14 days before the next menstruation.Ovaries can be discharged alternately by the ovaries on both sides, or can be discharged continuously by the ovaries on one side.With ovulation, in the same room during this time, it is possible to get pregnant.

According to the ovulation period, most of the next day before the menstrual period, about 14 days before the tide of menstruation. After the ovaries are discharged from the ovary, they can survive in the fallopian tube for 1 to 2 days, waiting for fertilization; men’s sperm can maintain the essence of 2 to 3 days in the women’s reproductive tract.This calculation of the ovulation period is 4 to 5 days before and after the ovulation period, and the rest of the time is considered a safe period.

Can you gently put on the "popping" in the safety period?

You need to know that the safety period is just relatively safe.Because the egg is a small elf who yearn for freedom, she will not obediently obedient every month, so sometimes, the eggs will be discharged around 14 days before the theoretical menstruation.When the heroine, your mood is surging, just as Bai Qian encounters Ye Hua, the eggs will be discharged in advance; when the female lead, you are sick, are in a bad mood, are tired, stay up late, the eggs will even strike without ovulation.It’s right.Even when the menstruation comes, the eggs will be discharged. Therefore, the "popping" without protection during the menstrual period may win the bid!

Besides, the fan menstruation came on the 29th of last month. It applauded for love before and after theoretical ovulation, and the risk of winning the bid was very high.At this time, when Yun Yu passed, do you do a B -ultrasound. What can you see?

1.B super can find mature follicles before ovulation. At this time, the diameter of the follicles is about 18mm-22mm.

2. The signs of ovulation that can be found in the super include: ① the follicles collapse or disappear from full change; ② follicle tension is not good, and the follicle wall changes in sawtooth; ③ Blood body formation: After ovulationFormed a blood body, the follicles are full of light -spots echo or low echo cystic structure; ④ There is a little effusion in the uterine rectal nest, and the ultrasound shows the liquid dark area.

3.B ultra can find follicles with a diameter of less than 18mm.

4.B super can also find that there are no follicles on the ovaries.

In short, everything is possible.

Combined with the above ovarian, it can survive in the fallopian tube for 1 to 2 days after the ovaries are discharged, waiting for fertilization; men’s sperm can maintain the ability of the women’s reproductive tract for 2 to 3 days, and even the "Xiaoqiang" with some tenacious vitality, oh, not, not"Xiaoqiang" is the life of individual sperm for 7 days, so the first, second, and third cases of the above B -ultrasound need to take emergency contraceptives to prevent the bid.

The 4th result of the B -ultrasound is found on the ovaries, and there is no need to take any remedial measures.It doesn’t work, because the B -ultrasound at this time cannot exclude the recent ovulation, the emergency contraceptive still needs to be taken.

Of course, there are also little masters who will ask, that is, do n’t want to take emergency contraceptives, is there much spicy response, and other remedial measures?

Dr. Fu Hong replied: Among the emergency contraceptives, the most common is Yuting. Within 72 hours of no protective sexual life or contraceptive failure, the earlier, the better the pregnancy effect, the better 2 tablets; or take 1 tablet for the first time;, Serve the 2nd piece at 12 hours.The correct pregnancy rate is only 4%.Now there is Jin Yuting, just take a piece.If there are no protective sexual behaviors in 24 hours, there is no need to take the medicine repeatedly.Don’t expect to be eager to do it once and for all. Each time he takes the medicine, it only works for the first 72 hours of love.

Everyone knows that everyone knows not to eat it. Everyone understands this principle.Usually, because of a short time entering a large amount of hormones in the body, the amount of hormone intake at a time is equivalent to the content in the conventional short -efficiency oral control pills for 8 consecutive days.Therefore, the small owner of the medicine will have a series of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, changes in menstrual cycle, irregular vaginal bleeding, and changes in ovulation.Even if it is used correctly, the success rate of emergency contraceptives is only 80秗d down.

Therefore, Dr. Fu Hong told everyone seriously, do not choose emergency contraceptives as daily contraceptive methods.At present, the most reliable contraceptive pill is short -acting contraceptives.

In addition to Yuting, the little master can also take Mi -not -puttero, and take 1 piece (10 mg or 25mg) within 72 hours after sex.The effective rate is more than 85%, and the pregnancy rate is only 2%.

Even if you take emergency contraceptives, you cannot reach 100 % success. Therefore, if you take the medicine for more than 1 week after taking the medicine, you still need to seek medical treatment to eliminate pregnancy.

In addition to drugs, the internal palace heteroiders were put in 5 days (120 hours) after no protection of sex, and the effective rate reached more than 95%.Of course, we should also know that the inner ring in the palace is generally recommended to place it in women’s menstruation for 3 to 7 days. The best reason for this time is that the menstruation is just over at this time, and the endometrium is the thinnest.The comfort will be better.

There are tens of millions of roads, the first one is safe.

Drive in the driving, and the young master tears.

Pay attention to "Dr. Fu Hong" and be a healthy goddess!

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