Does accidental pregnancy accidentally take medicine, will it affect the fetus?The degree of impact in different periods is different

As the saying goes, "People eat grain miscellaneous grains, it is inevitable to get sick."Sickness is common, as well as pregnancy.However, pregnant mothers after pregnancy cannot be used casually, and drugs may have a serious impact on the baby.

Pregnant mothers are a special constitution. People often say that pregnancy cannot take medicine randomly.In fact, this is well -founded. When pregnant mothers take drugs, the drug may directly affect the baby through the placenta, or indirectly affect the baby through the body.What does it affect the baby during pregnancy?

Xiaoshi and her husband got married for a year, and the two enjoyed the two -person world.Recently, Xiaoshi found that he had not come to menstruation. He took the pregnancy test stick to test and found that he was pregnant.In order to accurately determine, Xiaoshi and her husband went to the hospital to check again, and the doctor told Xiaoshi that it was really pregnant.

But Xiaoshi remembered that he had taken a cold medicine several times when he had a cold.Xiaoshi heard that pregnancy can’t take medicine, it is not good for children.

The worried Shi Shi ran to ask the doctor again, "The cold medicine he had taken before will affect the child."The doctor said, "Generally, when you are pregnant or during early pregnancy, taking medicine has little effect on your baby, and the examination seems to be healthy."

For pregnant mothers, taking medicine is a difficult thing.Even the female man who usually cares about will become cautious.If you take medicine at will during pregnancy, it may cause damage to your baby.

1. 1-3 weeks of pregnancy

At this time, the effect of taking drugs on the baby, or directly causes miscarriage, or has no effect.Generally, the baby’s malformation will not be caused at this time.Therefore, when the pregnant mother cannot be distinguished or remembered, it has been used before or during pregnancy before pregnancy. Generally, the impact on the baby does not have to worry too much.

2. 3-12 weeks of pregnancy

This period is the most sensitive period for the baby’s drug.

At this time, the formation of the organs of the embryo is also a sensitive period that leads to deformity.Once the drug is toxic, the cells in any part may cause deformity.And the earlier the medicine, the more severe the deformity.

During this time, it is best not to use the drug. If you are seriously ill, you must use the medicine, and you need to take it under the guidance of a doctor.If the pregnant mother takes the medicine during this time, the doctor needs to be told in time to facilitate the doctor to accurately judge the impact of the drug.

3. After 12 weeks of pregnancy

At this time, the babies’ various organs were basically formed, the sensitivity to the drug was also weakened, and the drug would not cause obvious malformations.But it does not mean that it can be used at will, because at this time the baby has some organs that are not completely differentiated.For example, the reproductive system and nervous system have always existed, so pregnant mothers need to take care of them with caution.

4. Before childbirth

Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to the last week before childbirth.When the baby was born, the metabolic system was not very complete, and the drug could not be effectively processed or eliminated.

Drugs may be stored in the baby’s body and produce excessive drugs.Such as jaundice, hemolytic anemia, hypoglycemia, etc.

Sickness during pregnancy is a very painful thing for pregnant mothers.You ca n’t take medicine casually, you need to stand up all kinds of uncomfortable.Therefore, some preventive measures should be done well, remember these 3 points to reduce illness.① Do not contact patients directly: immunity during pregnancy will be reduced, away from cold, fever or infectious patients.It’s better not to go to many places.② Pay attention to cleaning love and cleaning: Avoid cross -infection of bacteria, pregnant mothers should wash their hands frequently.In the summer, take a bath diligently and pay attention to cleaning.③ Improve autoimmune: The best way to prevent the disease is to improve autoimmunity.Pregnant mothers usually ensure that the balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and moderate exercise can improve immunity.

Mom message:

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are very sensitive to drugs and do not need it. When used, we must weigh them under the guidance of the doctor.

Today’s topic: How did the mothers get sick when they were pregnant.

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