Does hepatitis C be inherited? What is other infection?

Is hepatitis C inheritance?Hepatitis C is inherited, mainly because hepatitis C is a way to spread through the maternal vertical transmission, which causes the baby in the abdomen to be infected.And it is the most important way to propagate hepatitis C in the early stage.So in addition to this way of spreading, how can it cause patients to be infected by patients?

Is hepatitis C inheritance? What are the ways to infected?

First, spread directly through the mother.Hepatitis C can be passed to the baby in the abdomen through the mother’s mother.The advancement of progress must be a lot and complete inspection when the mother is pregnant, so the chance of spreading through this vertical way is greatly reduced.

Second, husband and wife life spread.Hepatitis C can spread through sex, but the infection rate of its transmission is lower than hepatitis B, and after research, it is found that the spouse of rarely hepatitis C patients is a disease with hepatitis C.Because the spread of hepatitis C virus and the prevalence of the prevalence mainly depends on the number of patients’ sexual partners, the degree of damage of the sex organs, and is very closely related to their own resistance.Life leads to serious damage to reproductive organs, so the chance of disease will be quite high.

Third, through the spread of blood.Hepatitis C can transmit virus by entering the blood or some blood products of patients with hepatitis C. Therefore, patients with hemodialysis or organ transplantation need to transport a lot of blood when treating, so it is a highly prone to infection.

Hepatitis C disease is mainly transmitted through the above methods, and hepatitis C is hereditary.And the performance of some patients is not very obvious, so it is easy to ignore or misdiagnose. Therefore, we must go to the hospital for related and professional examination to find out the cause and disease, and actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment.

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