Does it affect the baby if you get pregnant?

Does it affect your baby when you have a cold?Women during pregnancy are generally much worse than ordinary people, so it is easy to cause colds and other conditions.But in general, when pregnant, pregnant mothers do not take medicine, but hard resistance, so the cold cycle is relatively long. At this time, many people are worried that long -term colds are harmful to the fetus in the abdomen.Introduce the details.

Does it have an impact on the baby when pregnancy and cold:

After a cold, if the symptoms of a cold are mild, it will have no effect on the fetus. If it is a viral cold or fever and fever, it will have a certain impact on the fetus.

1. Cold slightly

The symptoms of slight colds are generally sneezing and stuffy nose.The symptoms of this situation are relatively mild. Generally speaking, pay attention to rest in daily life. You can heal yourself without taking drugs, because slight colds are periodic. Generally, it will be cured in about a week.Affect.

2. Virus cold

This situation is relatively serious, and the possibility of self -healing is relatively small, usually medical treatment in time.Because the virus is usually directly entering the fetus in the fetus, the organs of the fetus at that time were not complete, so the resistance was poor, and it was easy to cause the fetus unhealthy.

3. Fever

The fever will also affect the baby, because the high temperature in the body will cause the human body’s metabolism to be chaotic. This kind of metabolic disorders will cause toxins. High temperature and toxins will stimulate the uterus, causing abortion and premature birth.Once you find a fever, you must seek medical treatment immediately.

Will a cold in the early pregnancy cause teratogenic:

It is important for the first three months of pregnancy. Everyone knows it, but in fact, if you have a cold within the first three months of pregnancy, as long as you are not a fever virus, or if you have a slight cold, you do not take medicine, and you will not cause the fetus in the abdomenWhat influence, pregnant mothers need to be too worried. The most important thing during pregnancy is a happy mood. Compared with at least the impact of a cold on the baby, it should not be too light -hearted. Pregnant mothers should pay more attention in daily life.Yeah, it is definitely the best to not get sick.

What to do if you have a cold when you get a cold:

Generally speaking, if a slight cold can not be cured for a long time, you can try to drink a little board Lantan to relieve it, because Banlangen is made of pure Chinese medicine and basically has no effect on the fetus.

For example, a cold and viral cold should go to the hospital to consult the doctor. You must judge the medicine according to your own situation. The most general thing about this situation is to seek medical treatment early, so as not to be pulled too long and the impact on the fetus is more serious.

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