Domineering pet article: "I’m pregnant, do children want?" A man’s eyes brightened: "Own"

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Author: blue shirt sword

She bit her lips, her face was mottled, and her voice was shocking because of fear. She desperately pushed the person covering her, but she was afraid of hurting him."Yun Shen, Yun Shen … you wake up–"

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Gu Yun frowned sinking, and he didn’t understand her reaction. He stretched out his slender fingers and clasped her chin, raised slightly, and looked at her straight, trying to find Lin Qianqian’s true thoughts.

He said this level, isn’t she angry?

Lin’s light eyes are beautiful, black and white, clear and clean.

Because Gu Yun was very high, she looked up at him with her head and looked soft. Such a weak posture, Lin Qianqian did not have the slightest nervousness and uneasiness.

Her eyes were calm, gentle and gentle like the lake in the spring, the sparkling and eye -catching, but it also made people see the bottom of the bottom.

"Are you angry?" Gu Yunshen couldn’t hold his breath.

Because Lin Qianlian looks too abnormal.

Like the company’s cooperation with a contract, the result is the most important, the reason is not important. "

Gu Yunshen’s gaze turned coldly, and finally cold.

He stared at her for a long time, and found that when Lin Qianlian said was probably true, a huge pain and anger grabbed his heart.

Yes, how ruthlessness and cold heart and cold lungs are this woman. After being abandoned and betrayed once, if he still does not learn lessons, it is too stupid!

People can’t fall twice in the same place, just like the same mistake, he will never commit it again.

Unforgivable, unforgivable.

trade?contract?very good!

Gu Yunshen raised his lips with a smile, and the evil spirits were cold. Lin Qianqian’s heart was stunned, and he was about to say something, which was blocked by the cold lips of two petals.

She opened the apricot eyes, this man … Does it kiss?Intersection

Gu Yun is too lazy to care about Lin Qianqian’s thoughts, and from now on her thoughts, it is not important.

Isn’t it because he decided that this marriage was because he wanted to be more happy?So what he wanted like his style, Gu Yunshen, who was afraid of his first, and Gu Yunshen, who was heartbroken to a woman, was dead two years ago.

Belled by the woman in front of him himself.

This marriage was just to revenge.

He thought so.

A woman like Lin Qianlian wants to be happy with Song Ling.Want to double -forth and dreamed!

Author: Ruoyun Qian

"I’m pregnant, do the child want?" A man’s eyes brightened: "Yes."

"Then … starting tonight, we sleep in separate rooms." A man had a black face and pushed the door directly -there was no door!

Ningmanman came with a temper instantly, "The doctor said that I was weak, and I couldn’t afford severe exercise, and you couldn’t touch me if you asked your child!"

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After the two children went to school, Ningmanman stood at the door for a long time.Suddenly, a nausea that couldn’t control it came up.Ningmanman held the door with one hand and began to vomit.The breakfast eaten all spit out.As soon as the maid heard the movement, he ran over immediately.

"Manman, what’s the matter? Why did you vomit? Is it cold or …" Because Gu Yanjue always wanted a child, the maid also hoped that Ningmanman was pregnant with a child.This is even more lively.

"… I didn’t sleep well last night." Ningmanman attributed all the reasons to sleep. "Qin Qin is in trouble. There is no news yet. I feel that there is no appetite." After that, Ningmanman sighed.

"You don’t have to worry, you will want to eat when you are hungry. I will go there with Jiayi first." Ningmanman was worried about Qin Que and worried about Yi Jiayi.It is estimated that she is the most worried person.When I arrived at Yi Jiayi, looking at her embarrassment, Ningmanman couldn’t bear it, and told her what she knew.

After Yi Jiayi listened, he pouted his mouth directly.It’s almost what she thought.Qin Qin suddenly lost contact, and it was definitely a problem.

"He promised me, in general, he would not shut down. Now he shut down for so long, and there must be an unusual situation. No, I have to call my cousin to save him." Yi Jiayi was impulsive.Since Gu Yanjue knows this, how can you not find a way to save Qin Qin?Do you still need to ask Yi Jiayi?

"Jiayi, your cousin went out early this morning. It should be the news of Qin Qin. We are waiting for them to come back at home."

"Woohoo … Manman, what should I do? If Qin is missing, I will be in the second half of my life …" Yi Jiayi hadn’t been happy for a few days, and felt that good days would come.

"Jiayi, don’t think so much, Qin Qin is so powerful …"

"I only ask him to come back with a lack of arms and less legs so that I don’t have to do that dangerous thing in the future." Yi Jiayi wrinkled a small face.Ningmanman looked at her, with a lot of emotion.

In the past, Yi Jiayi always felt that Yi Jiayi was a child, his mind was hot, and he said what he wanted to do, and what he wanted.Her popularity of people or things is very frivolous.You can like or hate one thought.However, Ningmanman felt that she really loved Qin Qin.

Author: Gu Xingling

He, young and handsome, calm and indifferent, and extraordinary skills. In a hunting, she owed her feelings. Since then, she has never disappeared and always appears in his world.Come on?She is extraordinary, beautiful and cunning.

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Don’t look at her twenty -seven "old age", don’t look at her calm and capable in business. In front of the crush, she still has the mentality of her little daughter.After all, no matter how strong she is, it is still a real woman.

"Let’s take a look at you." Ouyang Yan said gentlely, he always said it was gentle and elegant. When facing wind dance, he was more gentle.He watched the wind dancing with a little little daughter’s gesture, and the flowers in his hand were still handed in front of the wind dance, and said softly, "Little dance, this flower, do you want to accept it?"

"Send it for free, of course." Feng Qingwu quickly took the large bouquet of roses from Ouyang Yan’s hands. It was rare that this man would send flowers to her. If she did not accept it, she would regret it.Duqing.Roses represent love. Even if he did not say those sweet words or even confess, he gave her a rose who represented love, and knew that he had thought about himself.

Feng Qingwu tasted the sweet taste.

"Speak like a snobbish." Ouyang Yan said with a funny way.

Feng Qingwu looked at the big bunch of roses in his hand and asked, "How many flowers, such a big bouquet."

Ouyang Yan’s eyes were deep, and the unable to hide the love revealed: "Ninety -nine."

The wind dance was no longer loud, but from the blush on her face, it was deepened, and it can be seen that her heart was slamming.

Pulling her to sitting down in front of the sofa, Ouyang Yan asked, "Is the president okay?"

In the past, they always persuaded to return to the company to deal with business, but they couldn’t persuade them.Today, I often smiled and suddenly was willing to come back. They felt abnormal and worried.

Because of the hotel under the Sky Group, the general manager of Ouyang Yan, the general manager of the dynasty, is naturally a subordinate of often laughing. In front of business, he also said that he laughed as president.

"She wants Bai Cui to have nothing." Feng Qingwu said coldly, "The two must have done something to hurt her, otherwise she would not be so hard to come to such a point."

The look on Ouyang Yan’s face was dignified. Last time, because Cui Yingying made trouble in the dynasty, even if the noise was not big, it was a fact that it was a truth.It made them lose their images. Now the ladies in the upper society will be ironic when they see the cousin sisters.In addition to throwing the pair of cousin out of the dynasty, he secretly began to fight the Cui family secretly.

Unexpectedly, I always smiled now.

However, he dares to always laugh at the two. It is not because of emotional conflicts. There must be other reasons. What is the reason?

Ouyang Yan thought deeply.

"She is there today, can you be more idle?" I thought back, and Ouyang Yan suddenly looked at Feng Qingwu.

"It can be stolen for a long time. I have been exhausted for several years." Feng Qingwu leaned into the sofa and relieved gently.The sky group was so big, she carried it with a smile and was exhausted.For so many years, except for the New Year, she has almost no false rest.Today, she often returned to the company as a president. She must be lazy for a day and take a break.

"Then let’s go out for a date."

Ouyang Yan’s smile Yan Yan’s proposal.

"Good … date?"

Wind dancing bites these two words to bite her tongue. She turned her head and looked at Ouyang Yan.

Seeing her like this, Ouyang Yan smiled and put her into her arms. His gentle male atmosphere made Feng Qingwu’s cold face always softened for three points."Stupid girl, even if I don’t say, do you still see my feelings for you?" If she can’t see it, she is not a wind dance.

Feng Qing danced in his arms, feeling very solid in his heart, as if his embrace was her shelter alley. With him, he would help her to stand, and he didn’t need to top it.After listening to him, she said very shyly, "What do I see? You don’t say, there is no other meaningful movement, what can I do, can’t I ask you: ‘Ouyang Yan, I can seeDo you like me, is it true? ‘I am not a lady, I can’t ask this. "

Hearing the words, Ouyang Yan laughed.

Domineering pet article: "I’m pregnant, do the child want it?" A man’s eyes brightened: "Yes."

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