Don’t be directly mixed with fungus, add an egg, appetizer and the rice to solve it again, and you’re not greasy to eat every day.

There is no rehearsal in life, and the food is not beautiful.Hello everyone, I will share a food with fungus today.Fungus, everyone is very familiar. Eating fungus often has the effect of moisturizing pneumonia, so many people working in the construction site often eat fungus, which can effectively remove dust in the body.Today we have to use fungus to make a different food for everyone, let’s take a look together!

【Cold Egg Skin】

Prepare ingredients: fungus, eggs, salt, garlic, edible oil, raw soy sauce, fuel consumption, vinegar, sesame, coriander, white sugar

The specific method steps are as follows:

1. Everyone knows that fungus is often dry fungus, because it is convenient for storage, so you need to add water to soak in advance every time you eat.Take an appropriate amount of fungus first, put it in the water, and soak it for 15 minutes.Two eggs in the small bowl, stir the eggs with chopsticks.

2. Put a little salt in the stirred egg liquid and stir again.Heat the pan, pour the edible oil inside. After the oil is hot, pour the stirred egg liquid in and fry. After pouring the egg liquid into it, then stretch it, then fry the bottom surface.After frying, just leave the pan.

3. Put the fried egg skin on the chopping board and cut it into small pieces of equal size with a knife.Take it out of some garlic, make all the garlic, and cut it into minced garlic with a knife.After cutting, let’s have some Xiaomi spicy, chop Xiaomi spicy, and cut it in the plate and put it in the plate.

4. At this time, our fungus has been soaked.Rain out the soaked fungus and put it in a large bowl, pour it into the water again, and wash the fungus again.After cleaning, remove the fungus and put it in the plate for later use.Boil the water in the pot, and put the fungus into the pot in the pot to simmer the water again.

5. Stir the fungus water until the raw spoon is removed and put it in the water for the cold water.After the cold water is finished, pinch the water inside, remove the fungus and put it in another clean large bowl.Then pour all the minced garlic, Xiaomi spicy into large bowls equipped with fungus together, and poured it with hot oil just hot.

6. After the hot oil is poured in, it inspires the fragrance, and then put it in the bowl in the bowl.After putting all the seasonings in, stir with chopsticks, stir well, and stir well. After stirring, our fungus will taste more.

7. After stirring, you can put it in the plate, and you can eat it directly after the plate.A delicious and delicious fungus cold egg skin is ready, sprinkle some sesame seeds to eat more fragrant.The overall taste is spicy and crispy, sweet and appetizing, and very delicious.Those who like to eat quickly follow it, let’s try it together!

【Love Tips】

1. When soaking the fungus, be soaked with cold water, so that the fungus that is soaked in this way will not be soft outside or hard;

2. When pouring into the seasoning, stir it when stirring, so that you can stir well.

Today’s food is shared here. I share a common food for everyone every day. Thank you for watching. Friends who like it.See you tomorrow, thank you!

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