Don’t be too nervous for biochemical pregnancy, actively cope with conditioning, and welcome the arrival of new life

I remember that it was around 14:00 on January 21, 2021, and one of my old patients came to my clinic.I was consulting with me because of conditioning menstruation.The patient said eagerly, Director Duan, I am here again.December 10, 2010, the next menstrual menstruation.Yesterday, I tested the early pregnancy test paper at home. It seemed to be pregnant. It seemed to be pregnant. I didn’t dare to be sure or dare to guess it, but today I bleed my vagina. I didn’t have much blood. I was a little nervous and scared. I hurried to the hospital to find me.I don’t have to be too nervous. Tomorrow the blood will be collected tomorrow morning.Recently, the back of the waist is obvious, the tongue is red, the fur is thin and white, and the pulse is thin.

2. Treatment process:

The patient got the results of the reporting form the next afternoon, and quickly showed it to me, and said that the vaginal bleeding increased. It was similar to usual menstruation. When I looked at the report form, HCG was already a normal range, prompting this pregnancy to be a biochemical pregnancy.So what is biochemical pregnancy?It refers to the combination of essence eggs as fertilized eggs but not bed.There are often no abnormal performance, or only a few days of menstruation.A biochemical pregnancy generally has no effect on the next pregnancy.In full kidney qi can help the fertilized eggs stabilize the bed.Give Chinese medicine soup to replenish kidney qi to help the next pregnancy success.Founding medicines are cooked, Morinda, Eucommia, parasitic, Atractylodes, lily, Ophiopogon, fried jujube, yam, yam, Poria, Chuanxiong, 菟 silk, Codonopsis, astragalus, scutellaria, Ejiao.After menstruation clean, take the medicine for two weeks. After two weeks, you can cooperate with the oral Dingkun Dan to regulate the melancholy and consolidate.Note, avoid spicy stimulation of seafood.Make a light diet and keep your mood comfortable.On March 24th, the patient sent me WeChat again, Dr. Wang, I was pregnant again.I want to pick up blood.I said, come soon.The results of the blood collection suggest that you are really pregnant. On the 26th, it was reviewed again, and HCG doubled.I want to go home to rest more and take folic acid, because the progesterone is low, and give oral luteum capsules.

3. Note:

Suffering kidney qi and good emotions are the key factor in preparing pregnancy, so patients should pay attention to mood regulation in daily life, relax the spirit, do not put too much pressure on yourself, listen to light music, read books, regulate love, and relaxed their emotions., Liver qi is peaceful, kidney qi is sufficient, it is not difficult to get pregnant; patients in daily life should also pay attention to avoid spicy stimulating seafood; pay attention to nutritional balance, vitamins, etc. in diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less with less, eat less and eat lessMeals, the combination of vegetables and vegetables is preferably, especially emphasizing light. Food must be easy to digest. Do not overeating to prevent oversupply; to maintain a good habit of work, get up early and get up early, do not stay up late, avoid overwork; pay attention to individuals.Hygiene, underwear should be changed diligently.

4. Treatment effect:

Although I have experienced a biochemical pregnancy, because the traditional Chinese medicine nourishes kidney qi, regulates the stagnation, and adjusts my mood in time, it will be successful after a month.The emotion is a key factor in preparing for pregnancy. The emotional is comfortable, the liver qi is peaceful, and the kidney qi is sufficient. It is not difficult to get pregnant.Female friends, do you know?

5. Doctor perception:

This young female patient is one of my old patients, and I have regulated menstruation here before.This time I came to the doctor mainly because I test the early pregnancy test strip at home. It seemed to be pregnant but I was not sure. The vagina bleed the vagina the next day, and the blood was not much. I was a little nervous and scared, so I hurried to the hospital to find me.I quickly comfort the patient’s emotions to relax the patient.The patient has a clear sense of weakness recently, the tongue is red, the fur is thin, and the pulse is thin.Therefore, I suggest that patients still check the conclusions of human choricular gonad hormones and progesterone.The test results show that the patient’s HCG is already normal, suggesting that the pregnancy is a biochemical pregnancy.Biochemical pregnancy refers to the combination of essence eggs as fertilized eggs but not bed. Generally, there will be no abnormal symptoms. Menstruation may be delayed. I also tell patients that the biochemical pregnancy of the patient will affect the next pregnancy.of.Give patients with Chinese medicine soup agents to nourish kidney qi.And I also told patients that since they are ready to be a mothers, they must arrange diet reasonably, and to maintain good living habits to welcome new lives in the best state. Now the patient has successfully conceived.

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