Don’t buy this kind of garlic, the vegetable vendors accidentally said that I missed my mouth, I knew it for a long time to benefit

After this summer, various seasonal vegetables and fruits in the summer began to be listed in large quantities.In summer, the most popular accessories are garlic.To make cold noodles or cucumbers in summer, the cold bean horn is essential.

So when it comes to garlic, do you know how to choose garlic correctly?From a young age, there was a vegetable garden at home.And my parents grow a lot of garlic every year in the vegetable garden.The garlic that can’t be eaten will be given to the neighborhood, so every year my garlic is not worried about eating.But since getting married, my family has been moving to the city to live.The tube is to buy garlic or green onion.The aspect of buying food and cooking is also cooked.

Do you know?It is not that all garlic on the market can buy it.Vegetable vendors accidentally said that they were missing, these three kinds of garlic shared by everyone.Even if the price is cheap, you can’t buy it.What kind of garlic is it?Not much to say, directly share with you dry goods.

Garlic contains high nutrients, and there are more sulfides inside.Can sterilize and disinfect.The essential accessories for eating cold dishes in summer are it.But when you choose garlic on the market, you must keep in mind. Remember not to buy the white garlic.

Aunt who sold 30 dishes told me that the white garlic on the market may be treated by chemical bleaching.So when you choose garlic, you must avoid the color.Garlic with purple color can be bought with confidence.Purple -skinned garlic contains a large amount of anthocyanins. Middle -aged and elderly friends who are 50 years old can eat more garlic.

Friends who know how to know that the water and nutrients in the germinated garlic are gone.It is easy to affect the quality of garlic.Remember not to buy germinated garlic.Spring garlic is the easiest to sprout, and this is the season when fresh garlic is listed in large quantities. Don’t worry, there are germinated garlic.

Recently, there are more rain solar terms. Have you found that when you eat the vegetables that buy home, it will be broken the next day.The same is true of garlic. After the baptism of rain, the appearance of garlic is easy to get dark.There are black spots or garlic with a moldy point, indicating that such garlic has actually deteriorated.

The mold in garlic has been breed, and it is easy to affect other calculations.Seeing mold or black garlic.Don’t buy it.In addition to eating auxiliary materials, the summer is the golden season for sweet and sour garlic in summer.Do you know how to make sweet and sour garlic?Next, share it with the delicious methods of sweet and sour garlic.Not much to say, share dry goods directly!

Prepare ingredients: 500 grams of fresh garlic, 100 grams of rock sugar, 500ml of white vinegar, 200 ml of raw soy sauce

1. First prepare 500 grams of fresh garlic, then cut off the top with a kitchen knife, put it in water, and rinse it.The treated garlic is directly placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry the water.

2.200 grams of rock sugar, I add 500 ml of white vinegar in it.Add 200 ml of raw soy sauce and put it in a clean casserole.Cover the lid and cook it with high heat.Then turn over medium heat and boil for five minutes.

3. Prepare a clean glass bottle and dry the surface of the surface.Then add the prepared sweet and sour juice.Put in prepared garlic.The cover is sealed for four days.You can eat it in four days.The temperature is relatively high in summer, so you must remember to put garlic in the refrigerator in the refrigerator.Don’t forget this.

Well, the above is the specific sharing of this article.Do you still know what delicious practices are sweet and sour garlic?Welcome to share with us.Like this article, remember to collect and forward.Let’s see it next issue.

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