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On December 12, Guo Jianming, deputy chief physician of Xuanwu Hospital of Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, shared his personal feelings infected with Omikon.

After the doctor is infected with home, there will be 5 individuals

Dr. Guo Jianming shared his physical condition within 5 days infected with Omikon.

On the first day, I felt tired and needed to rest.

The next day, a fever occurred at 38.7 ℃.The antigen detection is positive, and the throat is uncomfortable at night, and the cough begins.

On the third day, the body temperature was normal and no fever was, but the throat appeared more obviously.Starting in the afternoon, the pain of throat gradually began to relieve.Starting with sore knees at night, my waist was sore when I turned over.

On the fourth day, the overall state of the body was significantly improved. The symptoms of fever and sore throats were gone. It started to clear the nose in the afternoon. Occasionally, there was a headache, but the energy was greatly recovered.

On the fifth day, I felt tired and needed to rest. The overall state is very close to the physical condition when there is no symptom.

Dr. Guo Jianming had 5 experiences in the process of this infection:

1. Take more rest and drink more water after infection

These two points are very important!Take a good rest to allow the body to focus on fighting with the virus. Drinking plenty of water not only relieves high fever, maintains the capacity of the body’s liquid, but also avoids the risk of thrombosis.

2. Mainly affect the upper respiratory tract

Even if the throat was so speechless, there was no problem of holding breath.From this illustration, Omikon did mainly affect the upper respiratory tract, but the elderly and friends who have a basic disease and the physical and physical weakness cannot be careless. Once there is a suffering and a continuous high fever, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

3. Actively supplement nutrition

Fighting against the virus is resistance, including antibodies that fight against the virus in the body. The main source is protein, so you can’t just drink porridge to eat very light, eat meat, and eat as much meat as much as possible to supplement nutritional supplementation to supplement the nutritional supplement, Synthesize more antibodies to fight the virus.

4. Remind some antipyretics

If the body temperature is above 38.5 ° C, you need to take a piece of ibuprofen or to the acetaminol, the body temperature can be reduced quickly, and the symptoms of accompaniment will be significantly relieved.

5. Antipidal medicine cannot be taken frequently

It should be noted that the antipyretic medicine cannot be eaten frequently. Even if it lasts 38.5 ° C, it needs to be at least 4 hours, and these two types should not be eaten at the same time. Many people are also prepared at home. Generally, it is not recommended that western medicine and Chinese medicine mixed.Judging from the experience of my classmates and friends around me, for most people, especially young people, you can spend the most uncomfortable time with 2 to 3 antipyretics.

Dr. Guo Jianming said that he wrote his experience, hoping that if you have symptoms, do not have psychological pressure and face it positively.

Even infected, do not repeat the medicine!

Mao Yimin, chief physician of the Department of Gastrointestinal, Affiliated to the School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University, stated in the "medical community" on December 9 that as more and more people were hoarding, the number of patients who came to the hospital for treatment suddenly increased"I haven’t infected the new crown yet, first put myself" eat "into the hospital."

Dr. Mao Yimin said that many cold medicines contain acetylphenol. If the small dose is used, the problem is not big, but the ultra -dose can cause liver damage, and severe can also cause acute liver failure.

"Most of the asymptomatic patients are infected with Omikon. Most people may not be very high even if they have a fever, and unreasonable medication may be in danger of life.After a fever, if you are less than 39 ° C, do not need to take the medicine as much as possible, drink plenty of water.When more than 39 degrees, you can take antipyretics reasonably according to the manual.

Safe medication, these four points must be kept in mind!

At present, many asymptomatic or mild patients choose home isolation and recovery after infection.What are the precautions for home medicine?At the press conference of the Beijing Epidemic Prevention and Control Work on December 12, Li Ang, deputy director and spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Committee of Health and Health, made 4 answers.

1. Do not take medicine without symptoms

Removal medicines, cold medicines, cough medicines, and phlegm medicines can not prevent diseases, and can only relieve symptoms.When there is no symptoms, you must not take the medicine blindly. Although many medicines are non -prescription drugs (OTC), improper use will also have side effects, which can easily cause liver and kidney damage.For specific medications, be sure to take or consult the doctor according to the drug manual.

2. Do not take antipyretics and compound cold medicine together

Antipidal medicine cannot be used at the same time as common cold medicines, nor can it be used at the same time as some cold medicines in part.Many compound cold medicines and patent medicines also contain acetaminol, and mixing at will increase the risk of excessive drugs.

3. Don’t use anti -inflammatory drugs at will

New coronary pneumonia is viral infection. Anti -inflammatory drugs (amoxicillin, cephalosporin, etc.) are usually targeted at bacterial infections. Do not use anti -inflammatory drugs at will.

4. Special groups should use medicine with caution

Special groups such as babies, pregnant women, and elderly people should take care of them with caution.Taking the fever medicine must read the instructions or consult the doctor carefully.

In addition, pay attention, there is no drug that can prevent the new crown in advance!

Dong Liang said in an interview with Dong Liang, the head of the Shandong Provincial New Crown Pneumonia Medical treatment expert and director of the Institute of Highness Diseases in Shandong Province that drugs including Lianhua Qingjuan and alleviated symptoms did not have the role of preventing new crowns.The best way to prevent the new crown is to wear a mask, full vaccine, prevent gathering, and do personal protection!

Very important!During a special period, the safety of home medication is prompt


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Source: South China Morning Post

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