Don’t resist the pain during pregnancy, the obstetrician and gynecologists teach you to easily alleviate these 6 kinds of pain at home

"What is the most painful thing in this world?"

"Pain in childbirth."

"What is painful than childbirth?"


Although the pain of childbirth has broken the pain of 12 ribs, it is really a little witch compared to pregnancy.

Based on the spirit of seeking truth and pragmatic, I randomly asked a few pregnant mothers and got the following reply:

Today, bacteria will give you this cheats, I hope that every pregnant mother can do it after watching it!

Mid -to -late pregnancy

Pain to be vigilant


Pubic pain

After pregnancy, in order to allow the baby to smoothly pass the bone production and soft lane during childbirth, the pregnant mother will secrete relaxin, and the relaxation will cause the ligament between the pelvis to be too relaxed, which will cause the pubic bone to be over -separated.

Under normal circumstances, the combined gap between female pubic bone is 4-5mm, while the mother’s pubic gaps will increase at least 2-3mm during pregnancy, and there are still pregnant mothers with a clinical separation of more than 10-13mm.

When the pubic bone appears up and down with motion, it will appear: walking pain, taking heavy object pain, turning pain, and raising leg pain.

In daily life, pregnant mothers must reduce the number of stairs, and use a side lying posture during a break.

This can not only reduce pubic pain, but also relieve back pain.


Breast pain, tingling

By the time of pregnancy, due to the increasing breast tissue and breast ducts, the fat tissue also increased significantly. During the process of increasing the entire breast, it would be accompanied by swelling or even pain. These are normal.

It can be applied to the pain with warm towels to effectively relieve breast pain.

In addition, you can also gently massage your breasts and choose lingerie that is larger than before pregnancy. These can help you relieve breast pain.


Leg cramp

Most leg cramps appear in the middle of pregnancy.

The reasons for leg cramps are also complicated. The most common reason is calcium deficiency and weight growth.

Pregnant women have greater demand for calcium during pregnancy. When calcium in the body is insufficient, it is easy to be prone to calf belly and leg muscle cramps.

The increase in weight will cause the calf muscle burden to increase, which will also cause painful contraction of the calf and leg muscles and cause cramps.

During pregnancy, you can massage more leg muscles, eat more high -calcium foods such as soy products, milk, etc., and prevent leg cramps.

Unfortunately, if you encounter cramps in your legs, you can also relieve pain through hot -applying cramps.


Joint pain

Due to poor blood circulation in the middle and late pregnancy, the fingers will also feel edema and tingling.

When your fingers are numb, you can make a fist and relax to promote blood circulation; when pain, you can soak the pain by warm water.


Rib pain

The uterus slowly began to increase. At this time, other organs began to be squeezed by the uterus. When the thorax was expanded, the muscles and intercostal nerves were pulled. Coupled with the effect of hormones, the ribs were prone to pain.

Rib pain is really difficult to remove completely, but pregnant mothers can try to use stretching during pregnancy, which is a good way to relieve rib pain and back pain.


Lower abdomen pain

When entering the middle and late pregnancy, when the uterus continues to increase and the "round ligament" of the uterus is stretched, slight pain will occur in the lower abdomen, and the fetal movement and intermittent uterus pain may cause minor pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen.

There is also a situation that after many pregnant mothers enter the basin, there will also be lower abdomen pain, which is a normal phenomenon.

Belish pain usually appears before unloading immediately, so don’t worry too much.

However, you should pay attention not to maintain a posture in your life for a long time. If frequent contraction pain occurs before a full month, you must seek medical treatment in time.

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October in the pregnancy is the process of happiness and sadness, but it is these unpleasant "pain", which makes your happiness greatly discount during pregnancy.

This is really not arrogant.

These pains are not necessarily held on a big man.

Not to mention pregnant women.

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