Don’t touch it recently!Eat 6,000 parasites may be eaten for a bite

There are not many ways to relieve stress

The snail is definitely one!

The weather is a bit hot recently

One plate of fried field snails and two bottles of ice beer came up

But but but but but but but but

Before you are going to be fierce

Publishing brother must be awakened to you:

Your snails may also be "” "you!

Remember the furious Fushou snails in those years?

One -time error

Let her have a waist puncture and abortion 6 times

At the end of July 2017, some netizens posted their own experiences, and today I remembered that they were still shocking.

She traveled in Yunnan at the time and ate the local Erhai Tian snail.After returning, there were symptoms such as fever and leg pain.Because she was pregnant, she mistakenly thought that she was caused by excessive exhaustion and didn’t care much.

Two weeks later, her condition deteriorated sharply. She began to have a high fever, unable to stand, can’t sleep, or even open her eyes.

In the next days, she made 6 waist punctures, took more than a dozen boxes of insecticides, and tied 300 bottles of water. Because of the use of hormones and drugs, the face and body deformation were used. In the end, she had to terminate pregnancy…. …

The culprit leading to all this is the "field snail" she had eaten before.

Fushou snails are extremely lethal

The tragedy never stops

Is Tianluo so scary?of course not!

Because she was not eating the normal field snails at the time, but the frustrated "Fushou snail"!

In May 2006, more than 160 people in Beijing were infected with Guangzhou tube roundworm due to Fushouluo in the restaurant, becoming a major public health incident in Beijing.

It is also because of this incident that Fushou snails began to ban the sale of Fushou snails in many places across the country, and everyone gradually realized the danger of Fushou snails.

However, the Fushou snail and the field snails are too similar, and it is difficult for people to distinguish, so just 3 years later, Fu Shouluo climbed up the dining table again, because the tragedy brought by Fu Shouluo was staged again!

In 2020, a 7 -year -old boy frequently had headaches and vomiting symptoms, and many hospitals had not diagnosed the cause.After the cerebrospinal liquid sequencing sequencing, it was diagnosed with intracranial parasitic infections.

The culprit is the Guangzhou tube roundworm in the Fushou snail!

What is the tube round nematode in Guangzhou?

Guangzhou tube circular width is a parasite that can cause people and beasts to suffer from parasites.

Its host is a mouse, and the middle host includes brown cloud agate snails, Fushou snails, 蛞蝓 (ie: snot), etc., and people are non -normal hosts of Guangzhou tube roundworm.

According to relevant studies, the infected large snail body, excrement, and mucus left in the infected large snails will contain larvae with Guangzhou tube roundworm.

People can infected the Guangzhou tube round nematode through the following ways-

Raw or semi -raw foods that are infected by infection

Wounds, mucous membranes and infected snail -cut contact

Edible salads, fruits and vegetables, water, water, and water

After the infection of the human body in Guangzhou can be moved between the human body, the central nervous, lung, and eye, etc., causing meningitis, meningitis, visual damage, and even blindness.

Guangzhou tube circular width (also known as Guangdong liveliper)

Picture: John F. Lindo / Wikimedia

However, although the Guangzhou tube round width is terrible, as long as we do the following, we can stay away from it–

Do not eat raw snail meat

Avoid damage to the skin and mucosa to directly contact the excrement, mucus, and tissue of the "big snail"

Pay attention to cleaning your hands after contacting the brown cloud agate snail

Pay attention to the isolation of snails and food to avoid food and vegetables, salad and other foods pollution by snails

A Fushou snail parasite is as high as 6000

Severe may be terrible!

According to statistics, 3000-6000 parasites may be hidden in a snail.After entering the human body, the larvae will invade the brain, damage the central nervous system, and then cause eosinophilic cells to increase the meningitis.

At this time, patients will experience symptoms such as headache fever and neck stiffness, which will cause shock, dementia, and even death in severe cases.

The reason why we say that Fushou snails are in danger is the Fushou snails that are not completely cooked.If the Fushou snail is cooked, the parasite will be destroyed.

But here you are advised not to eat it, because you do n’t know how Fushouluo is completely cooked.More importantly, the taste will become much worse after the Fushou snail is completely cooked, so some merchants will also take risks.

Don’t touch the "Pink Flower" by the lake recently

It’s all the eggs of Fu Shouluo

Many people have recently discovered that many pink "flowers" appeared on the edge of the water and shore. Looking at the crystal clear from a distance, it is very eye -catching.

Take a closer look, these "flowers" are composed of one grain of small balls, dense, and look like pink mulberries.

Look closely, there is a bright "pink flower" on the wood on the left

From a young man, I told me that the wild flowers on the roadside should not be collected, so be careful!

Today, Xiaobian also wants to remind everyone solemnly, these "pink flowers" on the roadside, don’t touch it-

These are not "flowers", but the eggs of Fushouluo!

Fushouluo is generally growing in a shallow water area with a better water quality environment, or a rod of aquatic plants. From April to June, it is a season for Fushouluo to grow and reproduce. Every night, Fushouluo will spawn on the shore.

Their breeding ability is very strong. It can spawn 20-40 times a year, with an annual output of 30,000 to 50,000 capsules, and it can spread quickly. Once it breaks out, it will destroy the surrounding ecosystem.

How to distinguish between Fushou snails and field snails?

Although the Fushou snail Hetian snails are like "brothers" from the appearance, there will still be many differences in closet.


The spiral part of the adult Fushou snail is relatively small, and the head is usually larger than the field snail.


The field snail is more blue brown, while the Fushou snail color is more yellow.


The field snail is generally conical or oval, and the blessing snail is more like a disc.

Shell mouth:

The field snails basically have black frames, and Fushou snails generally do not have black frames.


Compared with Fushou snails, the taste of the field snails will be more tender.

There are 4 common foods

It is the favorite of parasites!


There are insects in fish, wine sauce vinegar, etc.

In the freshwater fish, liver absorbers are often carried with liver absorbers.Frequent eating may be infected, causing liver absorption.This disease may develop into bile tubeitis, gallstones, liver cirrhosis, and even liver cancer.


Whether drinking high wine before eating, or dipping vinegar, soy sauce, etc., you need to soak for at least 2 hours to kill insects, dip it out gently, you can’t kill the insects at all.


Love to eat lamb skewers, two parasites stare at you

The grilled lamb skewers are high -temperature speed, and it is easy to eat it.At this time, it is easy to infect the toxoplasma or (and) caterpillars.

If pregnant women are infected with toxoplasma, fetal abortion, premature birth, abnormal tires, and dead fetuses may be caused.

Those who have rolling mortar disease often manifests as eyelid edema, long -term fever, muscle pain, gastrointestinal symptoms and rash.


Love to eat drunk shrimp and drunk crabs, the president "can run around"

Crab and freshwater shrimp are the middle hosts of pulmonary insects, which are characterized by running in the human body.When it runs under the skin, you can see the drum bags of broad beans or walnuts.

When pulmonary insects enter the lungs, liver, brain, etc., cough, chest pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache, epilepsy, vision loss, paralysis and other symptoms may occur. In severe cases, it may be life -threatening.


Drunk shrimp and drunk crabs will not be fully cooked. They are only marinated with salt, or they are soaked with vinegar and wine.


Eating frog meat and snake meat, "brain long worms" did not discuss

In the body of frog snakes, a parasite called cracking head is often parasitic.

Once it enters the human body, it will be worn around the wall, or runs under the skin, or drill into the internal organs, or sneak into the brain, causing adverse reactions.


Tianshi hot pot, cold snake skin, etc., all belong to high -risk dishes.

Of course, the food of parasites will provoke parasites in life.In order to prevent us from being harmed, everyone should keep in mind the following 3 points when cooking:

Comprehensive: People ’s Daily Online Science, Jiangxi Market Supervision


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