Douro Continent: Xiao Wu is pregnant, and the three chapters of the Tang Dynasty, the first one is very storytelling!

At the God of God, the goddess of life informed Hai God Tang San, and new members will be added at home.After the meeting, the third brother returned to the palace immediately. No one saw his voice first, "Little Dance, Little Dance!" The third brother who was still calm before is now obviously excited. At this time, Xiao Wu was organizing clothes in the bedroom.

Tang San couldn’t restrain his inner emotions, "Xiao Wu! You, you have?" Xiao Wu pouted and said angrily: "Know the child, hum, you don’t care about me." TangSanli Ma Lu showed some charming smiles, helping his wife and adults pinch his shoulders, a bit like a puppy to beg for the owner’s love, Wang Wang ~ Three brothers, your high -cold and handsome god image?

Xiaowu leaned into his arms, and then stunned, depending on how much dependence, she admitted that she had a two -month -old boy in her stomach. Xiao Wu Tong had to have a younger brother.The third brother was so excited that he hugged Xiao Wu with a fierce way, and Xiao Wujiao said: "Hey, lightly. Don’t touch the child!" Hai Shen hurriedly let go of his mistake, Xiao Wu said with a smile: "From today, I wantThree chapters with you. "Which three are it?Let’s take a look together.

The first, every night, you go to sleep in the study and don’t sleep with me anymore.Otherwise, I can’t stand your entanglement.The first one was refuted by the third brother, "I don’t know who entangled who." Xiao Wu Liu Mei stretched out: "What do you say?" Haixian immediately said justly, "Say me, say me!"Then the question comes, who is entangled with who the two, and the third brother is not like a lied person. In addition, Xiao Wu has to sleep with him for the first time, maybe Xiao Wu is really entangled.Brother San, do you think?

Second, you will obey me in the future so that you will do whatever you do, so that you are not allowed to the east to the west. What I say, you must do it, even if it is wrong, the same!This is obviously equivalent to Bai said, for so many years, did the third brother have not always been "bronchitis"?It has always been like this … Are you still emphasizing?

Third, after we have these second children, you love me more than love him!Hai Shen is helpless. "How can a mother fight with the son. You, you!" Xiao Wu is really cute, just like a small child, how do you feel jealous with his son?"Okay, good, all promise you, all promise you."

After that, Tang San took Xiao Wu into his arms again, "Little Dance, do I really want to sleep in the study at night?" "Of course" "Then don’t you touch it at night!" "No!"… It seems that the first one is really a story!

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