Dr. Study Abroad ’s derailment caused abortion during pregnancy, and the ex -husband exposed indecent chat records

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June is a magical month, accompanied by the hot waves in the summer is endless peach -colored news.Some well -known male stars have one night love abortion, and some college leaders have kissed their wives in elevators.

A female doctor studying in the United States was disclosed by her ex -husband many times during pregnancy, and the fierce movement directly led to the unfortunate abortion of a baby who had been 23 weeks after.

Not only that, the party also said that the matter has only chosen to expose her in the past few years, exactly because she "blame herself."It turned out that this female doctor did not feel ashamed because she did what she did, but instead discredited her ex -husband many times on the social platform, slandered his family violence, or only relying on the mother of the family.

The ex -husband was unbearable and exposed her bad behavior. Let’s take a look at what happened together.

The ex -husband voiced that he fell in love with this female doctor at first sight. He quickly chose to settle in the same city as Dr. Female, and devoted her to the great material spiritual support for her.

After that, the two got married. For the sake of her, the ex -husband did not hesitate to serve her full -time husband, and looked forward to the arrival of their baby.

The expectations of full of heart did not get good results, and dreams woke up after all.

The wife suddenly didn’t call back the call to make him anxious, but received a call from the emergency department.

Seeing the fragile wife on the bed, he still doesn’t know what he will face.

Why do you have to insist on reviewing with friends for nearly six months of pregnancy, why do n’t you answer the phone and do n’t let yourself answer it.The ex -husband who couldn’t understand turned on his wife’s mobile phone.

It turned out that his wife went to the love of Lang yesterday. Not only that, the gentle and lovely wife in front of himself was so unbearable, and he also sent Luo photos to the other party.

After turning over the chat history, the two had long been together.

The chat records of the two are unsightly, and they can only say that the doctor played the real flower.

In the end, the ex -husband said with heartache: the last time he killed his child.

Even if you are shameless and regardless of shame, you should take care of innocent children.

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