Dream of boys and women!Let’s take a look at other mothers’ experience.

The fetal dreams made by pregnant women are different, and they are strange.Pregnant women and their family members can be regarded as a continuation of a psychological activity in a state of sleep, indicating that they want to reach a certain desire.

It is normal for pregnant women to have psychological pressure or ideological burden during pregnancy.

Such as:

Is the baby healthy?

What is the baby’s future?

Are you pregnant with a boy or a girl?

In ancient times, no matter whether or Eastern or Western countries, they paid attention to fetal dreams. Through fetal dreams, fetal gender can be predicted, and the fate, talent, personality, occupation, etc. after the baby grows up.Although there is no scientific basis for fetal dreams, it is of great significance for parents who are looking forward to their children.

First, very auspicious meaning of fetal dreams

[Sun] The dream of holding the sun or swallowing the sun belongs to the most auspicious dream in the dream of the fetus. It has always been regarded as a noble child who will make the world or reputation in the future.

[Moon] Dreaming of a big and round moon indicates a versatile daughter in the future.

[Dragon] Dreaming of the dragon has great significance. In the past, it was considered a dream of symbolizing power and family glory. If you dream of the dragon head, it indicates that the boy who gave birth will not only look good, but also achieve a great cause in the future.Geely’s dream.

[Carp] often means that the dreamer can have a cute and healthy baby.

[Pig] implies that the children born in the future are more wealthy.Black pig hinted that there was a boy, and the white pig hinted to have a daughter.

[Gem] The more gorgeous and pretty to dream of the gem, the more it means a good fetal dream, which indicates that wealth and beauty.

Second, the baby dream of having a boy

[Snake, python] Snake is one of the most common birth dreams. Dreaming of snakes is mostly good.Dreaming of a snake in a well, the son who gave birth would be angry with Yuxuan Ang and Zhuoer.However, it should be noted that if the snake is struggling, it is a bad forestein.

[Dog] Dreaming of a dog, heralding the mother and child peace.The bigger the dog you dream, the smarter the children will be, the healthier, and the greater the future achievements.As for the boy or a girl, it depends on the color and size of the dog. Generally, pregnant women dream of big dogs and black dogs who will have boys, and dreamed of puppies and white dogs will give birth to their daughters.Dreaming of a dog bite yourself, you must pay attention to your health and rest.

[Chicken] The dream of the chicken flying on the roof means that the sons born in the future will be brilliant.

[Scalpel] When you dream of having a horny ox, the probability of having a male baby is very high.

[Tiger] Dreaming of a tiger is a sign of the positive and brave son in the future.

[Wild boar] Dreaming of being driven by wild boar drivers. Although it is very hard in the dream, it is a good dream in the dream, which means that they will have a boy who will become a leader in the future.

[Snow] Dreaming of the scene of heavy snow is the signs of a strong and healthy son.

[Meteor] Dreaming of a meteor implies that there will be a son with artistic talents.

[Earth] Dreaming of touching the soil or lying on the soil is a good dream of giving birth to Guizi.

[River Morpoh] Picking the beautiful river pebbles will be a good dream of the son in the future.

[Going to the mountain] The dream of holding the east to the mountain means that he will give birth to the noble son of a scholar or politician.

[Earlier] Dreaming of the mature rice ears or autumn harvests in the field implies that the born boys can lead everyone in the future.

[Bamboo] If you dreamed of bamboo, it means that the boy born will become a power in the future.

[Sweet melon] Eating melon or getting melon will have a boy.If you dreamed of fresh fruits full of flesh, the chance of having a boy is very high.

Third, the birth dream of having a daughter

[Water] Dreaming of the waters, rivers, reservoirs, or the sea, which hinted that the daughter was produced.

[Field] Dreaming of the vast field or flat ground implies that you want to have a daughter.

[Caixia] Dreaming of Shuangcai Xia, implying that in the future, she has a daughter with a double -looking and blessed daughter in the future.

[Flowers] The dream of blooming flowers or the dream of standing in the flowers implies that she will give birth to a beautiful and lovely daughter in the future.

[Apple] Dreaming that green apple is easy to give birth to her daughter, red apple Yisheng son, born with the difference in gender.

[Cows] Dreaming of cows or docile cows implying to have a daughter.

[Shrimp Crab] Dreaming of Ao Shrimp, the possibility of a beautiful daughter is very high.

[Birds] Dreaming of pigeons, crickets, sparrows, will have a daughter in the future.

[Garden] Dreaming of a favorite garden means that the more honorary her daughter’s career is.

The more brilliant the color of the flowers, the stronger the incense, and the more beautiful the daughter’s life is.

[Fruit] Dreaming of tomatoes suggesting that having a daughter.Dreaming of apples and cherries, suggesting beautiful daughters.


Is the pregnant woman’s baby’s dream be accurate?

Regarding this question, I am afraid that different people have different answers.

Some mothers have experienced fetal dreams and have been verified by facts, so they are convinced of the accuracy of fetal dreams.And some mothers’ fetal dreams are indeed the opposite, and some people think that the dream of fetal dreams is simply superstition, and even some mothers have no baby dreams at all.

In fact, the dream of pregnant women is not allowed to be accurate, and there is no exact answer so far.Take a look at the mothers’ messages.

In short, fetal dreams are both a physiological phenomenon and a psychological phenomenon. What kind of dreams are related to the desire, emotional state of the dreamer, and the recent irritating events that have occurred.The gender of the fetus is not determined by the desire of the parents. More often, the fetal dream is the continuation of a mothers or family in a sleep state, or a certain wish to achieve.

We need to treat fetal dreams with our usual hearts. Do not see the baby’s dream too mysterious. The content of superstition of the dream of fetal dreams will have a bad impact on the psychology of pregnant women.Here we advise all expectant dads and expectant mothers, no matter what kind of baby dreams have, it doesn’t matter, as long as we have a positive way of thinking.

If you have eager hope for your baby, or already have a healthy and lovely baby, please leave a message to your fetal dream, let everyone share happiness and happiness together.

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