Dreaming of "Golden Dragon" during pregnancy is to "give birth to a boy"?You think too much, the role of fetal dreams is not here

The dream of fetal dreams and flat -time dreams is no different. It can not indicate the future of the baby, and more reflects the physical condition of the pregnant mother.

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Speaking of dreams, we are no stranger. Basically, everyone has had a dream experience, and all kinds of nightmares and dreams have also done a lot.Many people think of dreams as a prophecy, and feel that dreams can represent something in the real world.

To this day, many people still believe that dreams have special meanings, especially some special dreams of some special groups will be interpreted by everyone.For example, the dream of a woman during pregnancy.

Dreaming during pregnancy, known as the "baby dream", is widely circulated that the dream of fetal dreams can indicate the baby’s future and judge the baby’s gender, destiny and even blessing.

I remember when I was pregnant with a small koi, like a lot of pregnant mothers, I had a lot of weird dreams. Once, I was very impressed that a purple golden dragon descended from the sky, and it disappeared in front of me and disappeared in front of me.It’s gone.

After that, my husband and I also said this. As a result, he was slightly disappointed. "I heard that dreaming of the dragons is a son. It seems that my daughter’s dream is broken."

I glanced at him in vain and didn’t take it seriously. Later, when I talked about this with my parents, their reactions were the same. I felt that I was pregnant with a boy.

Until the little koi was born, the whole family was very happy, but it was a little puzzled. "Did you say that dreaming of a dragon is a boy? What about a girl?"

why?Do you still need to ask?Of course, dreaming is not reliable. How can dreams and children have an inevitable relationship!Let’s talk about the dreams of fetal dreams today.

1) Forex the dream of gender

Pregnant mothers do the most as the dream of this type of fetal dreams. For example, dreaming of dragons, snakes, tigers, horses and other animals is impressed by having a boy, and dreaming of flowers, birds, fish, fruit, etc.girl.

2) It indicates that the baby’s dream dream

Some fetal dreams are interpreted as "the baby is coming to report gratitude", such as dreaming of the fairy, dreaming of python around, dreaming of autumn harvest, etc. Most of similar dreams think that there is a meaning of the future.parents.

Don’t think about it, the reason why pregnant mothers have fetal dreams, in fact, the reason is nothing more than the following:

1) Derived from psychological hints

Scientific research shows that people dream in every sleep, but most of the time we wake up and do not remember, only a small part we will remember.

The fetal dreams made by pregnant mothers are mostly related to psychological hints during pregnancy.

Many pregnant mothers will subconsciously think of their baby who are pregnant after pregnancy, guess the gender and growth of the baby.After that, you will be unconsciously hinting yourself according to your usual experience, and then do some "dreams to indicate the gender of the fetus".

Most of these dreams are the wishes of pregnant mothers.Some people will say that their baby dreams dream of before pregnancy, but most of them are associated.

If you don’t find you pregnant, these strange dreams will be ignored by you.And when you find that you are pregnant, you will associate these weird dreams with your pregnancy.

2) The effect of progesterone changes

After pregnant women are pregnant, the body’s hormones will change a lot, which will cause most pregnant mothers to sleep in a light sleep state when sleeping, which greatly increases the probability of dreaming.

Therefore, many pregnant mothers can often remember their dreams during pregnancy, and the chance of being remembered by "fetal dreams" is naturally much larger than usual.

In fact, the role of fetal dreams is not to indicate the baby’s gender or destiny, but it is a help to pregnant mothers.

1) Reacting the physical condition of the pregnant mother

Speaking of which, the baby dream does indicate something, not completely useless.It reflects the physical condition of the pregnant mother from many aspects. If you often have a dream, it means that the pregnant mother is often in a state of light sleep, and the mental pressure is not good.

At this time, pregnant mothers can try to choose the sleeping posture on the left side as much as possible, use the U -shaped pillow to help support, and drink a glass of milk before going to bed to help sleep.

2) Help pregnant mothers decompress

On the other hand, it is also a good thing to make a dream properly. You can relieve stress for pregnant mothers. Most of the pregnant mothers will be more anxious after pregnancy.Not a way to decompress.

Koi Mommy has something to say

Of course, no matter what kind of fetal dreams do, everyone should look at it rationally. You can have some of your own expectations, but you cannot "superstitize" the baby dream and interpret the baby dream too much.

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