Drinking a bowl of tonic every day is better than Ejiao

Since ancient times, the ancients have advocated raw porridge, which can not only health, but also prevent various diseases.There are many types of porridge, and the porridge made of different materials is also different for the human body. This article recommends that this this article is better than eating Ejiao, and try it!

A porridge can nourish a woman

Women’s body is prone to virtuality, especially during menstruation, pregnancy, and children. During this period of time, there is one thing in common, that is, eating light porridge can not only nourish the body, but also prevent diseases.You can eat porridge with black beans, black rice, black sesame, lilies, barley, walnuts, rice, brown sugar.

Women’s beauty and beauty can drink this porridge black beans, black rice, and black sesame is black food. It is often consumed and has the effect of beauty and beauty, because they can remove the human free radicals and resist aging.Therefore, instead of eating Ejiao beauty skin care, it is better to eat porridge containing these foods.

This coarse grain porridge can nourish the stomach

Rough grain porridge is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, which can promote frequent peristalsis, which play a role in promoting digestion, which also plays a role in nourishing the stomach.In addition, this porridge contains a large amount of carbohydrates that can provide energy for the human body.

Drinking porridge constipation For people who often overeating and eating spicy food, constipation is common. In addition to taking diarrhea drugs, you can often eat porridge recommended in this article because this porridge has preventive constipation of constipation.effect.Because coarse grains are often creepy, it can lubricate the intestine and make people smooth.

This porridge is suitable for most people to eat

For children and elderly people, or people with poor digestion, consumption of this porridge is the best choice, because it is easy to digest and promotes it.Sleeping and eating is difficult to rest.

How do you know? Prepare the ingredients in an appropriate amount, soak some materials in the water for a few hours, and then boil. The method of cooking is the same as the normal way of porridge.Then boil over medium heat, add water and stir during the porridge period, otherwise it can easily lead to the appearance of the bottom of the pot.It is recommended to put brown sugar at the end, and the amount you put in should not be too much, 1-2 spoons.

Most women nourish the body like to take various tonic medicines, and the common is Ejiao. In fact, it is recommended to eat more porridge. In fact, the porridge made of several ingredients recommended above can not only play a nourishing role, but also for the body, but also for the body.The health care is also quite good.Do not eat too much every day, just a bowl in the morning.

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