Drug flow vs flow is very different

Regarding artificial abortion, many sisters consulted in the background: Is the flow of people harm great?Is the drug flow directly to the hospital to buy a medicine?Should I choose the flow of the drug or the flow of people?I have already done three times, can I still get pregnant in the future?


Artificial discharge surgery is a method for terminating accidental pregnancy. Although the surgery is small, it can be completed in a few minutes. Whether it is painless or visible, the damage it causes cannot be ignored.The necessary laboratory inspections should be done, and the precautions for postoperative surgery should be kept in mind.

Is the risk of abortion surgery high?

It has been nearly 70 years since the country’s artificial abortion surgery has been performed. Nowadays, artificial abortion surgery is a relatively ordinary and mature surgery. However, of course, the risk of abortion surgery will still be there. In additionIt is some accidental pregnancy that may increase the spiritual pain of the recipient.

Advantages and disadvantages of drug abortion

A drug abortion can avoid the damage of abortion, but the disadvantage is that the range of its choice is more stringent than surgical abortion:

1. There are many contraindications of drug abortion, such as cardiovascular diseases, endocrine diseases, glaucoma, asthma, and other chronic diseases.

2. There are age restrictions. People over 40 years of age may not be sensitive to drugs;

Third, the bleeding time of drug abortion is relatively long, and people with anemia are not suitable for drug abortion.

In addition to the strict selection of drugs and centers, there is another problem that it may occur in abortion. At this time, you have to choose the method of surgery for follow -up processing.

Artificial abortion generally has two major categories: surgical abortion and pharmaceutical production. Generally, what kind of abortion method should be selected according to the requirements of the surrogate and the physical condition of the surrogate and the time of pregnancy.

Divine abortion is a surgeon within 49 days of menopause. Those who are under 34 years of age will achieve oral drugs to prevent the growth of the embryo sac until they fall off.Do not perform surgery but drugs can cause gastrointestinal reactions, nausea and discomfort, etc., and the pain is strong. The 30%incomplete abortion rate needs to be cleared in the second time. The bleeding time is long, which is likely to cause infection and infertility.

In fact, at 35-70 days of pregnancy, surgical abortion (suction) can also be selected, because at this time, the size of the pregnancy sac is suitable, the difficulty of surgery and physical damage, and the fastest recovery after surgery.

Surgical abortion is a miscarriage selected by many pregnant people. The painless abortion surgery is safe and the recovery is relatively fast.However, the best time for surgery does not exceed 10 weeks of pregnancy, because within 10 weeks of pregnancy, embryo or fetal skeletons have not been formed. Generally, the cervix does not need to expand the cervix. It is easy to suck the tissue tissue.The response was light during the operation.Less bleeding, short surgery time, 1-2 hours after surgery, you can go home for 1-2 hours, recover quickly, and has a small impact on the body.

Who is not recommended to do abortion

If there is a need for fertility, the doctor who wants to choose a miscarriage because of the following reasons, doctors generally do not recommend it:

First, because of a cold or a cold or after taking the medicine, you will find pregnancy. He is afraid that the baby will be affected and choose a miscarriage. The doctor does not recommend it;

2. If there is already a history of abortion, if you want to choose a miscarriage because of the marriage arrangement, the doctor does not recommend it;

3. Cervical lesions are combined. Due to cervical lesions, they are required to abort. Doctors do not recommend that pregnancy will not increase the degree of cervical lesions;

Fourth, those who are not suitable for abortion surgery may lead to future fertility difficulties after surgery, and doctors do not recommend doing it.

What are high -risk flow?

1. Repeated abortion or repeated curettage will cause certain damage to the endometrium of the recipient, and the injury of the endometrium will not only cause adhesion of the uterine cavity, but also affect the ability of future fertility;

2. There was a history of cesarean section. After accidental pregnancy, the gestational sac is planted on the incision, which will increase the risk of major bleeding;

Third, the pregnancy is abnormal, such as the bed on the cervix or the bed on the uterine cavity. In addition to increasing the difficulty of surgery, this situation will increase the risk of bleeding from the recipient.

After surgery, you need to observe 2 hours in the hospital. You can leave without abnormalities. After returning home, you should pay attention: you can wash the shower after surgery.

Avoid spicy and irritating foods, eat less or not eat red dates, brown sugar, gelatin, ginseng, etc. to increase bleeding food.

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