Drug safety and drug safety classification during pregnancy, remember to collect it!

1. Factors to consider medication during pregnancy

1 Drug through blood tire barrier.Drugs can enter amniotic fluid and fetal circulation through the blood tire barrier, which has a effect on the fetus.Some drugs enter the fetal membrane very little or are harmful to the embryo; but there are also some drugs that have a strong effect of harmful embryos, which are teratogenic drugs.The following are recognized teratogenic drugs: Thalidomide, cytotoxicity, vitamin D (high doses), Huafarin, isotretinoin, most antiepileptic drugs, androgen, progesterone, progesterone, ketoneClass, heylene estra, radioactive drugs, live vaccines, tetracyclines, etc.

2. Drugs affect pregnancy.Drugs can cause uterine contraction and cause abortion, such as Junxianxin and Queen.

The effect of drugs on embryos (fetus) in different periods

According to different periods of pregnancy, the drug may have the following impact on it.

1. Fertilization and bed period, from fertilization to the 17th day of pregnancy.During this period, what kind of effect of drugs still knows less, and can understand the role of certain drugs through animal tests.Under the action of drugs, damaged embryos often cause miscarriage.Some drugs stay in the body for a long time.The quality of sperm is also an important decisive factor. During fertilization, the man taking drugs may affect the quality of the embryo.

2. Organ formation period, time is 18 ~ 55 days of pregnancy.Taking some drugs during this period may cause malformation, but only obvious malformations can be observed at birth.Some tiny deformed are often not found, but it will affect the function of the body.Some teratogenic effects are delayed. For example, if the mother takes the estrogen preparations such as hexylophenols during pregnancy, the girl given vaginal epithelial cancer can occur when the youth development.

3. The period of growth and development is 56 days of pregnancy to before birth.During this period, many drugs can affect the organic function of the fetus, such as anti -thyroid drugs can cause hypothyroidism in newborn; tetracycline affects the development of bone and teeth; amino glycoside can cause nerve damage; some dependent drugs cause new studentsPharmaceutical dependence (abstinence syndrome); strong prostaglandin synthesis inhibitory drugs (such as Simi Xin) can cause premature closure of fetal arterial ducts in the late pregnancy.

3. The U.S. Pharmaceutical Food Administration (FDA) is available for reference for the danger of drug use during pregnancy.A -level drugs are safe under normal doses, but if the dose is increased, it may also cause harm. For example, pregnant women take large doses of vitamin B for a long time.It can cause neonatal deformity and vitamin B dependency; long -term application of large -dose vitamin C can cause neonatal vitamin C dependency (congenital scurvy).But these two vitamins are required for normal pregnancy.Class B is safer to the fetus, but there are actually problems with dosage and treatment.Class C must also consider carefully, and should be avoided under normal circumstances, such as applications, you must carefully consider the impact of dosage and treatment.Among them, the D -level drug is taboos, and it must be harmful to the fetus. Only when you have to carefully consider and obtain the patient (family) consent.

1. Antimamines: Buckerzine (C), chlorophenicamin (B), Simiidin (B), Cyacinzine (B), Benzaramumin (B)(C), hydroxyl (C) (C), Macrodiazine (B), Arazide (C), and Meirajin (C).

2. Anti -infection medicine: anti -amoeba disease Kaba (D), double iodine (C), intestinal insect medicine dragon gallbladder purple (C), thozide (B), pyrimidine (C), grace, gracePolymidthium (C), antibody pill chlorine (D), Peromotomy (C), ethylamine (C), quinine (c), antidotement: metronidazole (C), antibiotic ampicKatar (CM), Gyrithromycin (C), Kanamycin (D), Neptomycin (D), Ryamin (D), Bobbamycin (C), Cefacin (B), Penicillin (B), tetracycline (d), earth beauty cyclic (d), beauty clock (d), Mino cyclic (d), omosin (d), rinkin (d), Bacterium peptide (C), chlorophyticin (C), clinithromycin (B), erythromycin (B), Linkomycin (B), neonomycin (C)), Multi -viscosin B (B), vanomycin (C), other antibacterial sulfa sulfa drugs (B, D), metharoxy (C), 呋 amuozone (C), bephye (b), Meng Deli acidic acid(C), Uloto (B), Pyraine acid (B), anti -tuberculosis medicine: salicylic acid (C), ethylene butanol (B), alien cigarette), Antifungal drugs: bisexin B (B), climozole (B), ashburithromycin (C), nimonazole (B), moldmid (B), antiviral drug(C), iodide (C), alcohol genoside (C) Libaweilin (C).

3. Anti -tumor drugs: aminoxate (X), azozimine (D), Boromycin (D), Bai Zhian (D), benzobarmus, mustard (D), cisplatin (d),,, cistern (d),,, cistern (d),,, cistern (D),,,Circinamide (D), glycotoside (D), Putting Mermine (D), softinin (d), gyromycin (D), fluorineurine (D), and mustard (D) (D)), Meiferun (D), Purdyyin (D), methotrexate (d), light god (d), namura (), 噻) (d), Changchun alkali (d), Changchun Shin -alkali (D).

4. Autonomous nervous system drugs: choline acetylcholine (C), New Sriine’s Ming (C), spraying Viser (B,/D), 哌 替 (B/D), Meisone (B/D), Finnini (B/D), pyris of phenol (C), derived phenolin (C), coat rutine (C), toxic lentiline (C), hydraphin (D), Noltone (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C)), Antiocyaline: Atto (C), Blind Eggs (C), Penza Totor (C), Poor Matto (C), Cyanine (C), East Castle Alkali (C), Protoamine Taolin (C),,, C.Benzene (C), adrenaline drugs: adrenaline (C), tormeal adrenaline (D), isopropypeinexine (C), ephedrine (C), meffeninine (C), hydroxyl hydroxyGlip (D, methaxyl oxygen (D), oxygenyphrodiline (D), Tabcin (D), Daba (C), Doba picinine (C), anti -adrenaline drug: Pujiluo Luo Luo Luo LuoEr (C) Muscle Pine Medicine: Disposy (C), Remove A Forest (D), Benzine (C), Antip benzene (C), Ten Pinocarium bromide (C).

5. Central nervous system drug

Central excitement: caffeine (B), right pyrams (D), methalodescar (C), relieving heat and analgesic drugs: acetaminol (B), aspirin (C/D), Feinadine (B), Darfeng (C/D), Shuangshuangate (C/D), sodium salicylate (C/D), non -sterite anti -inflammatory drugs: non -Norlastan (B/D), BoloFen (B/D), 辛 Meixin (B/D), methamphetamine (/d), Gongpusheng (BM/D), Hydroxy Paitatong), Paitatong (D), ShulinAcid (B/D), Totamine (B/D), analgesic drugs: Afaror Ding B/D), anti -adrenaline drugs to be based on (B/D), morphine (B/D), opioid(B/D), Camphor Mimin (C), sedative hypnotic pills: isoprene Bobujie (C), pentobaber (C), phenobarbur (B), Sika Babi (C)), Hydrochloride (C), ethanol (C/XD, Di Xiba (D), chlorine rehabilitation (D), alanine (0), methalone (D), Oshasi (C)), Nitasis (C), stable drugs: chloroplasine (C), fluorosol (C), lithium salt (D), 噻 tons (C), antidepressant: Amiidin (D forest (D) (D forest (D)), Dussepin (C), propyrazine (D), Demomeson (C), Dominisone (B), Porononon (B), Vascular Expansion: Nitrite (C), Double c Damo (C), Nitrotic Pearl (C). Tetrathinone (C), nitrate glycerin (C), ilpuzole (C), Qianglinoside: acetyl oceanide), Foreign land yellow (b), ground high Xin (B), foreign venomoside (B), dehuminylsidin (B), pyramidin (B), bromine (C), propyramine, pyramamine, pyramamine, pyramamine, pyramamine(C), Quinine (C), antihypertensive drug: Verapam (C) Katopoli (C), Cola (C), two nitroglyzide (D), hexalide bromide (C).、 肼 (B) (B), methyl Daba (C), Minnel (C), sodium nitrate (D), Pelin (C), 哌zoline (C), Bloodpin (D),Esolis (d), oral contraceptive pill (d).

5. Diuretic drugs: acetyzole gum (C), Amroli (BM), qioline (D), Yici nicotic acid (D), Symami (C), Glycerin 0), glycol glycol (glycerin 0), glycol glycol (glycerin 0), glycol alcohol (C), screw (D), amphenyl (D), urea (d).

6. Gastrointestinal drugs: Di Feno (C), Luo Luxinamine (D), compound camphor (B/D), and die meta silicon oil (C).

7. Hormonal: adrenal cortex hormone: crooked (D), Beme pine (d), insulin (b) chloropopymidis (D), progesterone progesterone (D), thyroid hormone: calcium calciumin: calcium calciumin(B), estrogen: hexylol (X).

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