Duoduo parent -child years: The baby’s throat snoring sounds the sputum, which may be caused by these 6 reasons

When the baby sleeps, there is a snoring and snoring sound in his throat, and it feels like he does not breathe.Does it matter?Is there any impact?

Moreover, as small as newborns, babies who have just been born 3 or 4 months old, as old as 3 or 4 years old have similar situations.

Causes of snoring in the baby’s throat

Newborn swallowing function is caused by imperfect function

Because some newborn have not yet developed the swallowing function, they do not swallow the water by themselves, causing the saliva to flow to the throat. Therefore, when the inhalation flow in and out of the trachea, the gas is mixed, and the breathing sound of snoring sounds will be produced.This situation usually appears when the newborn lay down, and usually it will be better after the child’s month is old.

Inccessive swallowing function-Solution:

After the baby eats milk or feeds the water, you can hold the baby and pat it to let the baby swallow the liquid in his mouth smoothly, and if you find that the baby’s mouth is flowing out, it should be wiped off in time.

Causes of the baby’s throat -congenital throat panting

Congenital laryngeal cartilage development considerations are related to the lack of nutrition during pregnancy, insufficient sun exposure, no timely calcium supplementation of calcium, causing calcium deficiency in the fetus, or lack of other electrolytes.

Congenital throat asthma-solution:

(1) It does not affect breathing, eating and not handling

If the newborn really has congenital laryngeal cartilage, it does not need to worry too much. As long as it does not affect the baby’s breathing and eating, it does not require special treatment.Because this problem usually improves in the baby in about 6 months, the laryngeal cartilage will gradually develop, and the laryngeal gap will be widened. By the age of 2, the symptoms will basically disappear.

(2) Adjust the feeding method

For newborns with congenital laryngeal cartilage, be careful not to use milk nipples to feed, and timely adjusting the speed of baby to milk is a simple way to prevent milk.Special methods such as nose feeding can be used for severe children.

(3) Difficulty in feeding needs to be treated

However, if the newborn is in a state of malnutrition for a long time, it is accompanied by feeding difficulties, or repeated respiratory infections, respiratory distress, shortness of breath, cough and other situations, etc., you need to go to the hospital in time.Occasionally, babies with severe laryngeal obstruction need to be relieved in time.

(4) Supplement vitamin D

Babies with congenital laryngeal cartilage should increase outdoor activities and bask in the sun. After 2 weeks of birth, it starts to supplement vitamin D (ie, cod liver oil) 400 units / day until the age of 2 to promote the absorption and synthesis of calcium.

(5) Avoid respiratory tract infection

Babies with congenital throat asthma should pay attention to avoid cold and repeated respiratory infections, such as laryngitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Because the infection of the respiratory tract can easily induce laryngeal spasm and exacerbate the original laryngeal obstruction.

The cause of the baby’s throat snoring -caused the milk powder too much

The newborn’s throat snoring and snoring, it may be caused by too thick milk powder.Some artificially fed newborns, such as the concentration of the milk powder in the process of preparation, is not well controlled, resulting in strong milk powder, and it is easy to remain in the mouth or throat, which can cause the throat to have sputum, which causes the baby to snore in the throat when breathing the baby’s breathing.of.


When the baby is snoring and snoring after drinking the milk powder, you can feed the baby some clean water in an appropriate amount, dilute the baby’s milk powder paste in his throat, and let the baby swallow the milk in the mouth.

Blocking the nasal cavity of the nose

If the neonatal nasal cavity is blocked by the nasal cavity, there may also be a throat snoring and snoring, but there is actually no sputum.

The glandular secretion of the newborn, especially the secretion of the nasal cavity. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause the boost to block the nasal cavity. At this time, the baby cannot breathe with the nose.The sound of the baby usually disappears after 2 months.


If the nasal cavity of the newborn is observed, the nasal cavity is blocked by the nasal cavity, and you can dip out the boost with a wet cotton swab. If it is a dry nose.It can be sandwiched with gardenia, but the movement must be soft to avoid damage to the nasal cavity.

Causes of snoring in the baby’s throat

Respiratory tract infection

While the newborn has sputum snoring and snoring, if the newborn also has dry cough, fever, loss of appetite, and mental uninstallation, then consider that the baby is suffering from respiratory tract infection.

Generally, bronchitis occurs due to respiratory tract infections, and bronchus discharge increases, but a month of babies do not penetrate sputum, so they will snore in their throat during breathing.


When observing the symptoms of respiratory tract infection for one month, it is recommended to take the baby to the hospital in time.


Don’t delay.

Because newborn respiratory tract infections are not effective, it will easily develop into newborn pneumonia, which is harmful. The difficulty of treatment and treatment costs must be increased.

Don’t give your baby medicine without authorization.

One month baby is very young, and many medicines cannot be used casually. If the baby is used for adults, it will have a great impact on your health. ThereforeMedication.

Causes of snoring in the baby’s throat

envirnmental factor

Some babies have dust, pollen, milk powder, clothing fiber, animal hair, etc. in the living environment. After being inhaled by the newborn, the secretions in the respiratory tract will increase to block these foreign bodies, which will cause phlegm stuck to the throat.Breathing will have a snoring sound.

How to help your baby shoot phlegm

When the newborn has sputum snoring and snoring, parents can help the baby to shoot sputum to prevent the baby from holding it.

Because neonatal laryngeal bone, upper jaw cartilage, etc. have not yet developed and do not sputum themselves, parents need to help their babies to shoot sputum. Usually use the backpack method, which can not only promote the loosening of phlegm in the lungs and bronchies of children.Duttering and discharge to the atmospheric pipe can also promote the blood circulation of the heart and lungs, which is conducive to the absorption of bronchial inflammation and cause the disease to heal as soon as possible.

Pick up the baby to take the baby and let the baby’s head on the parent’s shoulder, and then hold the baby’s back with a fist in the empty fist.The power of shooting should not be too large. From top to bottom, take 3-5 minutes each time, and shoot 2-3 times a day.

What should I pay attention to when the baby has sputum?

Give your baby more water:

When the newborn’s throat has sputum snoring and snoring, you can properly feed some water for the newborn, which can help dilute the sticky sputum in the throat of the newborn, which is conducive to the sputum in the throat from the newborn.

Let the newborn lie on the side:

The newborn’s throat has sputum snoring and snoring because the baby’s respiratory function has not yet developed, and it cannot be able to remove the sputum in the throat.Make the secretion of the respiratory tract easily discharged.

Improve the living environment:

After using the above method to let the baby discharge sputum, you should also pay attention to improving the living environment of the newborn and avoid some dust. If possible, you can place an air purifier, so that the baby will not slowly appear in the throat.The sputum is.The above are the six common causes of snoring sounds in the baby’s throat.

Most of the natural development conditions of newborn babies are natural development. After all, all the organs of the baby are mature and perfect.Don’t worry too much.

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