During my pregnancy, my husband provoked my girlfriend, and my girlfriend did not refuse

The reader’s letter said:

My husband and I and Xiaohui (the name of my girlfriend, a pseudonym) are college classmates. During my husband and I were in college, I was a lover relationship. Xiaohui and I were the best relationship between the same bedroom.During my husband and I fell in love with my husband, Xiaohui occasionally became our electric bulb.Because the three of our hometown in different counties, when we graduated from college, the consensus we reached was to stay together in the city of college.

Speaking in my heart: Just getting married and buying a house, my husband and I have discussed it.The attitude of her husband at that time: Buying a house in a working city will make him stressful, so I also think that we have the strength to wait later, and then consider the buying house.But at the beginning of the marriage, my parents did not agree to marry my husband when the husband did not buy a house.Forced by helplessness, her husband could only make up for the down payment for buying a house through his and his parents’ east to west.

Because my husband and I have been living the life of the slave after getting married, we have the courage to have the courage to have a child when we get married for the third year.In fact, if it wasn’t for the birth of both parents, my husband and I would rather not have children in this life.

Let’s briefly talk about Xiaohui’s situation: After graduating from college, he thought about making money, and he was too lazy to talk about objects.In Xiaohui’s words: If my life after marriage is like you and your husband, and you still have a tight life as you save money, and the existence of marriage will not make any sense to me.

When I was 6 months pregnant, my husband provoked Xiaohui, and Xiaohui did not refuse.I peeked at my husband’s chat history and found out this.After I was revealed by me, my husband’s explanation: 1) You during your pregnancy, it was my empty window, and I didn’t hold it a little; 2) Xiao Hui didn’t love me at all, but she was a bit lonely, so there was a between me and me.Each required behavior.In fact, I still know my husband and Xiaohui more. Their marriage view is not on a channel, so their feelings will naturally not have follow -up development.What I wondered is: Isn’t it nauseous to have no love as a premise?

Muzi Li Emotional Analysis:

Over the past many years, my country’s economy has been in a state of rapid development, which is complementary to it that my country’s house prices are also growing.So that people have formed such an inertial thinking: 1) Buying a house with eyes closed. After a few years, they can earn a lot of money; 2) my country’s economy will continue to develop at a high speed.The current real situation is: house prices have slowed down the growth rate, and even housing prices in some places have fallen overly; people also feel that money is becoming more and more difficult to make.So that in this special period, you can hear a sorrow.What I want to say is that we should thank the country’s high -speed development of the dividends, and we should also accept the era of closed eyes to buy a house to make money.When our thoughts can be fine -tuned in time when facing reality, we may find that life is not bad, but it is not as comfortable as in the past few years, that’s all.

In this era, more and more young people are unwilling to get married, and even after marriage, they are unwilling to have children. As a result: my country is currently in an era of low marriage rate and low fertility rate.Even so, some people still choose to enter the siege in the desire of love, but when they are facing marriage, a topic that people can’t get around: buy a house to get qualified to get married.To this end, there is another saying: China’s mother -in -law is a force that cannot be ignored by pushing house prices.In fact, every parent hopes that the children can complete the great mission of marriage and child in the age of suitable for marriage. How can some parents do not let their children grow old capital. When facing a high -cost life, they have to acquiescence their children.And the attitude of life of unwillingness to have children and less children after marriage.

Although I have my own house, even if I stop working for the rest of my life, I can live a hungry life in a state of saving.But I still feel that in the face of the a little embarrassing real estate market, there is no need to save it.Perhaps in the process of economic transformation, people need to experience some pain, instead of always saving the real estate market, allowing people to have an illusion: buying a house is still necessary in life.In fact, many ordinary people live: After studying, buy a house in a working city, and then bears the mortgage of decades in the state of being reluctant to eat and drink. When the mortgage is returned, he is already over half a year old.Want to ask: Should we live in liabilities in our lives?

If people do not have the oppression of mortgages in life, I believe that many families’ labor income every month can make them live a relatively comfortable life.But after carrying the mortgage, many people’s lives are true: dare not eat well, dare not wear well, when you spend every penny, you feel painful, dare not resign, dare not get sick, you will not be sick, you will not be able to get sick.The mortgage was particularly insecure in the face of the unknown future.It is precisely because most people have been walking on the way to repay loans, which leads to people’s experience in life.The complaints on marriage life and the impatience of lover, under this mentality, will inevitably make people’s views of marriage and love.

You and your husband once loved each other simply, and when you did not face the marriage process, you might feel that renting a house in a working city is also a lifestyle, but in the eyes of marriageEssenceAfter your husband made up for the down payment for buying a house, you have to live the life of the slave slave after getting married, which causes your life to be at all quality, but it is just a matter of passing the mortgage.In this case, you and your husband have more or less depression.So that during your pregnancy, your husband and your girlfriend crossed the thunder pond.The reason for your husband to do this: 1) You are your husband’s empty window during pregnancy; 2) Facing the life under heavy pressure, people are a bit impetuous, which is an inappropriate decompression and vent.

Your girlfriend is a microcosm of many young people in contemporary contemporary: it is not a desire for love, but just feel that when you are unable to buy a house, or if you do n’t encounter the other half of a house, you do n’t need to enter the siege at all.In fact, without the pressure of repayment of mortgages, her girlfriend is at least more free from you and your husband at least.Or some people will say: After you have repaid the mortgage with your husband, you can settle a house, and your girlfriend can’t settle in anything.The key is that the day when the house is settled, you and your husband may be about forty years old or even older.By that time, looking back at the road you walked, don’t you feel a bit sad?Regarding your girlfriend facing your husband’s provoking no rejection: your girlfriend is also a human, and there is normal needs, that kind of demand can not be much related to feelings.

Editor’s words:

Many people will unconsciously reduce the quality of life after carrying the mortgage, not because they are only equipped with a saving life, but because they clearly understand that after eating the second drink, they can not repay the mortgage on time.The house they bought by their loans will face the risk of being photographed.Facing the cruel reality, do n’t you feel a bit funny and unknown with consumption?

It is not a life that people think of drilling into the eyes of money, nor is it a generation who is willing to be a broken relative in life, but in the torment that is carrying debt, no one gives them real help, so that they canAfter surviving the trough of their lives in their cognition, I became indifferent involuntarily.Perhaps house prices have dropped a little, and after liberating the pressure of people buying a house, people dare to consume free and easy to enjoy the fun of life itself.

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