During pregnancy, bleeding from the vagina is a threatened abortion?Or normal physiology?

Mother Bao usually has more or less bleeding during pregnancy, so whether the vagina bleeding is good or bad. Is it really like the doctor said that the baby is going to have a miscarriage?Or normal physiological period?Many Baoma mothers are at a loss, and take the example around Xiao XV, for example, a Bao mother’s ultrasonic inspection is basically once every three days. I am afraid that the baby will happen during development, but it is not so frequently worried.The funds were wasted without saying, and she was worried about being afraid. Today, Xiao Xing came to talk about it in detail today. During the pregnancy, the vagina appeared, and the mother Baomu could have reference and understanding.

In the early pregnancy, Bao’s vaginal bleeding can be judged according to the amount of bleeding. The amount of bleeding is very small, and it appears once.Blood occurs because the baby’s last menstruation is not excreted cleanly. You only need to keep a reasonable diet and do not eat some light. Avoid cold and spicy foods to recover without treatment.

In the early stages of pregnancy, there is the greatest chance of miscarriage. During this period, the baby is the period of embryonic development. Any stimulus will affect the growth and development of the fetus.What are the reasons for these situations?

Most of the 21%of the data of the rejuvenation and accumulation of the abortion are the labor families. In the hospital’s hospital, there will always be some abortion due to the fact that the mother Baomu is working at home.The method is because when she is working hard, Bao’s mother, the body stimulates stimulation, the muscles are tight, and the embryo will be stunned by amniotic fluid in the body when developing.There is no way to protect or save.

28%of the data of dirty lives and exposure to non -hygienic things are mostly gynecological diseases in the data of miscarriage. Female gynecological diseases are the most common cases in the common life of husband and wife.They are constantly rising, and Xiao Fifteen is also helpless. Every time in the early stages of pregnancy, Xiao Fifteen will warn Bao’s mother to prohibit sexual life in the first three and three months in the next three and the next three months.What is the role, gynecological diseases will directly cause vaginal infections, leucorrhea abnormalities in fallopian tubes and uterus, and vulgar blood clots and lochia appear, which will directly cause the fetus during pregnancy, or deformity during development, which brings the family to the family.A certain pressure.

Irregular diet and food stimulus account for 48%of the data of miscarriage. Most of them are rich well -off families. Mother Baomu is basically a threatened abortion caused by irregular diet and food stimulus in the early pregnancy.The three hormones required during the development period are progesterone, estrogen, and HCG are important hormones that ensure fetal development. Mother Baomu’s daily diet and spicy foods will cause the abnormal reactions of these three hormones; BaopuMother eating "yellow" stimulates food can cause abnormal progesterone, progesterone to cause luteal dysfunction, and insufficient progesterone secrete can cause vaginal bleeding directly.Tire, review the normal value of progesterone after a week. If you cannot recover, you need to keep the tire, and the value of the value is lower than the red line of the value. The value of the HCG is also an abnormalIf the value is reduced, it is necessary to use amino acids for fetal preservation, as well as estrogen, so the vaginal bleeding caused by irregular diet, irritating, and cold foods causes a threatened miscarriage.

Mother Bao’s vaginal bleeding in the late pregnancy is called one of the three signs of the three major signs before childbirth. Mother Bao does not have to worry about the health of the baby. Before childbirth, it will break the water, bleeding, and irregular contractions.The three major signs, vaginal hemorrhage mother needs to go to the hospital for preparation. Vaginal hemorrhage will be produced within 24 hours. You need to take preparation measures in advance!

Review in the past: Calculate the weight of the fetus during pregnancy and keep the fetus the secret of good development of the fetus!

Following Xiao Xing, 99.99%of Bao Ma Bao Dad pays attention to Xiao XIII. He learns a lot of valuable parenting knowledge and avoids a lot of unnecessary waste of money and time.focus on!

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