During pregnancy, hypertension encounters high blood pressure


Xiaoyu was 18 weeks pregnant, blood pressure was normal before pregnancy, and now it was 155/105mmHg. She asked anxiously: "Is this hypertension?"

"How many times did you measure?"

"Is this different?"

Some, the diagnosis of hypertension for pregnant women is based on at least twice measurement of the same arm. The systolic blood pressure is ≥140 mmHg and/or diastolic pressure ≥90mmHg, which is defined as hypertension.140/90mmHg, not as a basis for diagnosis.

If it is more than twice?

If the blood pressure on the same arm of the same arm is high in 18 weeks of pregnancy, the situation of 155/105 mmHg is a hypertension during pregnancy, and it needs to be actively controlled.

"Then I don’t feel much needed to take medicine?"

In the early stage of hypertension during pregnancy, there was no proteinuria in blood pressure. Sometimes there were upper abdominal discomfort and platelet reduction, but there was no substantial organs damage, so you did not feel it.

When pregnancy continues, the blood pressure will gradually rise, and the preliminary symptoms of eclampsia will occur, manifested as hypertension accompanied by proteinuria. Severe severe headaches may be possibleThe blood system changes.

Further development into eclampsia often has symptoms such as twitching, facial congestion, whipping foam, muscle stiffness, spasm, ischemia, hypoxia and other symptoms. Generally, it must last for 1-1.5 minutes;Blood symptoms and even related lesions such as death.

If the pregnant woman has a pregnancy hypertension, if the treatment is not controlled in time, it will affect the safety of the life of the pregnant woman.Come to control blood pressure, because high blood pressure during pregnancy can affect the development of the fetus, which may cause the fetal growth to be limited, and seriously threaten the health and life safety of maternal and infants, so it must be treated!

Your blood pressure is 155/105 high, but the blood pressure cannot be diagnosed as a hypertension during pregnancy. You can monitor several more blood pressure to facilitate the diagnosis. Generally, there will be headache, dizziness, tinnitus, vague vision rotation, insomnia and other symptoms., Anti -pressure treatment in time.The daily diet is lighter, mainly with low fat, low cholesterol, low -salt and low sugar diet. Fertilizer, animal viscera, cream, pickles, crab yellow, etc. eat less, eat more black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, onions, celery, winter melon, etc.The antihypertensive effect, the meal must be regular, do not overeating, or exercise in an appropriate amount. Do not stay up late on time, keep your mood comfortable, don’t be too nervous!

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