During pregnancy, if you have these symptoms, you must go to the hospital and not despise

Today, J Mom received a lot of information to consult the hospital in the third trimester, when to go to the hospital.Replies uniformly here.

1. If your pregnancy is not complicated, there is no abnormal situation during the whole pregnancy, and every fifteen minutes in the contraction, this means that there are still a few hours to give birth, and you need to go to the hospital.

2. Usually, if you are a high -risk pregnant woman, there are some situations during pregnancy. You have to go to the hospital with any abnormal phenomenon, and please confirm.

Pregnant women care for babies to grow

3. Your amniotic fluid rupture or contraction may be premature before 37 weeks.

4. Your amniotic fluid is broken. If it is yellow, brown, or green, this may be the signal of fetal manure, sometimes a signal of fetal pressure.It is also important to let her know whether the liquid looks bloody.

The pregnant woman lying on the bed holds her belly

5. You notice that your baby is not very active.If you find that the fetal movement is abnormal and does not meet the standards of three to five times per minute, then the expectant mothers must be careful. It may be hypoxia in the fetus, and you need to go to the hospital immediately.

6. You have bleeding, continuous severe abdominal pain or fever.These may be a precursor to miscarriage, so pregnant women must not be despised, and they cannot take medicine without authorization. They must go to the hospital for examination first.

7. You have severe or persistent headaches, visual changes, severe pain or tenderness, abnormal swelling or other pre -eclampsia symptoms.

Young pregnant woman in the bedroom

Some women think that various symptoms and discomfort are only part of pregnancy, while others are worried that every change in the body will cause trouble.Knowing which pregnancy symptoms should never be ignored.

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