During pregnancy, it is always low mood and sad and irritable?These tricks give you a good mood

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It is always low mood during pregnancy, is it a sign of depression?

Don’t worry, not as terrible as you think!

In recent years, a "net red disease" called depression has begun to dominate the screen.

If someone is inexplicable emotional, um, depression;

If anyone always can’t help crying, um, depression;

If someone can’t be interested in anything, um, depression!

Can you pull it down, how can there be so many depression!

These are the most depressed, just an emotional change, which is not a disease.

The same is true for expectant mothers who have repeated emotions, either to say that there is a negative emotion or depression.

Let me talk about the common performance of expectant mothers. Let’s see if you have these symptoms.

Do you suddenly feel boring? Looking at the sunset every day, it is always inexplicable in your heart. This is not what others should be envious and jealous.

Will you be inexplicably irritable? The cause may be to eat hot pot at noon. You want to eat slightly spicy, your family has to let you eat clear soup. Your inner flame spit out and said, "Say good, I want to eat whatever you want?! ";

Will you be sad for no reason, you can’t control the sending a few places to want "嘤 嘤", but what is the reason why it is not because of a lamb from a tiger in the animal world, maybeIt is because a passerby who has a box lunch in the TV series;

Will you suddenly start to be suspicious? When your husband comes back for a few minutes, he feels that he might be "fluttering in the color flag". By accidentally found a long hair, he started to make a derailment drama.A slap on the side leakage fan, she thought about it;

Will you suddenly start to be frightened and read too many negative news, which causes you to worry about whether you will see Marx when you are unwilling when you have a child, and regardless of whether Marx wished to see you;

Will you frequently want to know whether the male treasure or female treasure in your stomach, because everyone wants you to be a male treasure in your belly, although your family does not have the throne to inherit;


If you have more than 3 symptoms above, then congratulations!

You are not sick!

Many expectant mothers may feel incredible. I am so negative and so sad. You still say that I am not sick. Can people who do n’t get sick?I think I have a sickness, let’s not say it, Xiaobian, you are sick!Intersection

In fact, the reason why Xiaobian says is because these negative depression emotions occur during pregnancy are caused by hormone changes, just like the irritability of the aunt when visiting, it is a normal phenomenon.

In short, it is not that you are "deteriorating", but hormones "perverted."

Therefore, expectant mothers should not feel that they are sick, because these phenomena will gradually disappear with the recovery of hormone levels after the baby is born. At that time, you will re -become the little male who loves to laugh and love!

Of course, although it is known that these phenomena are normal, it is inevitable that depression is still unavoidable. Therefore, Xiaobian teaches you some relief methods, hoping to help you.

Communicate more with others.

The expectant mother must talk about the depression and aggrieved or irritable in her heart. The object can be her husband, parents, girlfriends, and only when they say it, the depression in the heart can be relieved.

If it is inconvenient to tell those who are close to, you can also talk to other expectant mothers on the Internet. The relationship that does not know each other can help you open your heart and feel the same experience to make you up.

At that time, you will find that it is not you alone that there are such troubles. This is a normal phenomenon that will occur in pregnancy, not your problem.

Do what you like.

For expectant mothers, the absolute leisure of pregnancy is sometimes the root cause of boring and emptiness. At this time, you may wish to do what you usually like to do but have no time to do.As long as you like it, this big time is splurked by you.

Enrich the pregnancy time, how far is the boring!

Learn to relax yourself.

Physical discomfort, fear of production, confused about the future, etc. These pressures will make you depressed, so expectant mothers must learn to relax yourself, you can do yoga, think about babies in your stomach, etc.

Guarantee regular work.

Specific mothers should ensure sufficient sleep and develop regular schedules, because fatigue will also aggravate the normal emotional fluctuations during pregnancy, but don’t sleep too much, otherwise it will also be counterproductive.

Are you a little irritable when you see here?In fact, sleeping is not so many restraint. As long as you make you sleep comfortably, just let it go.

Develop good eating habits.

If the interval between the two meals is too long and the blood glucose level decreases, people are also easy to feel down, so the expectant mothers should choose foods rich in protein and carbohydrate every meal, which can help blood sugar and mood for a long timekeep it steady.

exercise more.

During exercise, the endorphin released in the body can make you feel full of energy and comfortable mood. In addition, research confirms that the sun can make people feel happy.Therefore, it is also a good way to go outdoors on the sunny days.

Of course, in addition to the emotional fluctuations, in addition to the prospective mother, the prospective father must do his best.So, what can expectant dads do for the emotional changes of expectant mothers?

Understand a lot.

When the expectant mothers have a bad temper and their mood is low for no reason, the prospective dad should not think that they are targeting you. You must know that the initials are not cute expectant mothers, but hormones in their body.Therefore, the prospective father must understand the expectant mother.

After all, it is a time that will pass, so the prospective dad has to wait patiently for this time.

Do your best.

When the prospective mother strives to cope with her emotional changes, the prospective dad should not just be the people who eat melon. You can accompany the expectant mother to do what she likes, patiently listen to the worries or boredom in her heart, accompany her in the sun in the sun,Walking or exercise, help her share some housework, give her confidence and encouragement, etc., she will be sincere for you to work hard.

However, if some expectant mothers have not been relieved after self -regulation, the symptoms of emotional fluctuations are still not alleviated, and symptoms such as insomnia or excessive drowsiness, anorexia or overeating, severe and sustainable emotional fluctuations.As soon as the doctor is used to exclude other pathological conditions.

Well, expectant mothers, have you been inexplicably depressed recently? What are the reasons?

The comment area is your tree hole, and talk with other expectant mothers unscrupulously!

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