During pregnancy, my mother’s body is painful. Congratulations, the baby is growing up healthy

When a woman is pregnant, there will be various changes in their bodies, such as taste, figure, emotional aspects, etc., and more troublesome is the pain in her body during pregnancy.Let’s not talk about the pain of tossing the mothers everywhere on the body, so that the pregnant mother is worried about the fetus in the abdomen. The woman has only one purpose during her pregnancy, that is, to give birth to the baby, but these three days of the painIt will inevitably make pregnant mothers worry that the baby’s physical development will have problems.In fact, it is normal for women to have pain in all parts of the body during pregnancy. This shows that the body of the pregnant mother is changing and the baby is also developing. If you have the phenomenon of pain during pregnancy, it means that the baby’s development is very good, It’s growing healthy.

1. chest pain

The level of hormone levels after women’s pregnancy has improved. Because the body is already preparing for becoming a mother, the breast development will be promoted in advance to prepare for the baby to store milk when the baby is about to be born.There may be insufficient milk in the future.This kind of pain generally appears in the early stages of pregnancy, and the phenomenon of pain will be relatively obvious. All pregnant mothers need to do to protect the breasts, such as wearing a special bra for pregnancy. By massaging the breasts properly to relieve chest pain, so that the pregnant mother can be allowed to make the pregnant motherPrepare for future breastfeeding.

2. Abdominal pain and bleeding

Many women have reported this problem, saying that when they are pregnant, the abdomen will faintly pain, and sometimes there will be a small amount of blood out of the genitals. The pregnant mothers think they will have a miscarriage, but in fact, the pregnant mother does not have to worry. This is actually an embryo.A good characteristic of development.Women’s fertilized eggs will constantly split into embryos after conception. At this time, the embryo needs to find a suitable position in the uterus of the pregnant mother, so a collision uterus will bring abdominal pain and a small amount of bleeding to the pregnant mother.When the most suitable place in the uterus, the abdominal pain of the pregnant mother will slowly disappear. The embryo is in a nutritious position, and it can naturally develop well.

3. Back soreness

Women will experience the waist and back sore for a long time after pregnancy. Because the fetus gradually grows, the abdomen will bring the power to the back of the waist and back, and it is prone to pain when the waist back has poor tolerance.The development speed of the fetal treasure will be much faster than before. The abdomen of the pregnant mother suddenly bulges, and it will inevitably make the waist and back too late to adapt and pain.The development is very good, and the pregnant mother should be happy.In daily life, it is recommended that pregnant mothers use the belly to support the lower side of the abdomen. This can be fixed to the abdomen to avoid discomfort from the back of the abdomen to avoid large bulging.

4. pubic pain

This phenomenon generally occurs when the due date is near, which shows that the baby is ready to come out, and the pubic bone of the pregnant mother should be properly opened to provide enough space for the baby.During the opening of the pubic bone, it will bring some pain to the pregnant mother. Sometimes it is even to make the pregnant mother unbearable.It can be less painful.

Pregnant mothers, when you are in pain when you are pregnant, congratulations, congratulations, your baby is growing healthy!

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