During pregnancy, nutrition is not supplemented, so be careful of pit maids and dolls

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After pregnancy, the expectant parents always want the baby in the stomach to grow faster, so he desperately takes high calories, high protein, and hyperlipidemia food.The amount of food should be doubled during pregnancy.In fact, these are all misunderstandings.If it is "replenished" after pregnancy, it will not only increase the burden on the stomach, but also affect the normal development of the fetus, which will continue to increase the rate of birth rates of obese pregnant women and huge children.Let’s take a look at it:

1. Excessive vitamin

If pregnant women take more than 10,000 units (I.U.) vitamin A daily, there will be 1/4 chance to cause fetal malformations, such as congenital heart disease, eyes, jaw cracks, ears, and another 1/4 chance to cause mental retardation.If vitamin D supplements too much (more than 15 mg per day), it is easy to cause calcification of soft tissue of pregnant women.

Second, zinc supplement, excess iron supplement

If the expectant mothers have more than 45 mg per day for zinc, it is easy to cause premature birth.Iron supplement should be cautious. It is recommended that pregnant women replenish the iron when they are more than 3 months pregnant.Generally speaking, pregnant women can supplement 30 mg iron (unless there are severe anemia). Take iron should not take calcium and magnesium at the same time because calcium and magnesium will suppress iron absorption.

Third, excessive fruit, refuse vegetables

Many expectant mothers eat fruits in order to have a healthy and beautiful baby, and even use fruits as vegetables.They all believe that eating fruit is more good.But from the perspective of nutrition, fruits cannot replace vegetables.The cellulose components in fruits are not high, but the cellulose components in vegetables are high.Some fruits have high sugar content (such as watermelon, grapes, etc.), and excessive intake may cause gestational diabetes.Older people do not know that eating more fruits may cause prospective mothers to suffer from gestational diabetes.

4. Excessive diet, excess weight

Pregnancy is not sick.Some expectant mothers regard themselves as a long -term illness. During the 280 days of pregnancy, they ate too much and too well, and the exercise was too small. As a result, the weight was overweight.

Kind tips:

It is easy to overweight without adding a sea drinking sea. The consequences it brings cannot be despised. Not only will it cause the complications of pregnant women during pregnancy, it is not conducive to the growth of the fetus.It’s even more time to lose!

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