During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are always worried about fetal condition?The doctor gives the following judgments "indicators"

For women, giving birth to children is the top priority in life. From the moment many people learn that they are pregnant, they will become nervous. They are always worried that the baby will have an accident.It felt like he rushed to the hospital immediately, and the result was a false alarm.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are always worried about fetal health?

This was not last night, Xiaoli just lay on the bed, and suddenly felt a little pain in her stomach. This scared the family. If she was pregnant, if she was a little unexpected, this could not bear it, so the family hurriedly sent her to the hospital to the hospital.After some intense examinations, it turned out to eat too much at night. In addition, I have a little constipation in the past two days, causing abdominal pain.

Therefore, during pregnancy, mothers do not have to be too nervous. As long as they pay attention to diet and rest, there will generally not be accidents. In order to reassure the pregnant mothers, I secretly tell you a few professional indicators to determine whether the fetus is healthy.

In order to reassure the pregnant mother, the doctor gives the following judgments "indicators"

1. Before the pregnancy sac is not formed

For the prospective mothers who are pregnant for the first time, they may not be calm throughout pregnancy. They will be particularly nervous after each birth check. Even when the doctor tells them that they are normal when the fetus is normal, they will take out their mobile phones and hurry to check the Internet. Seeing every every way, see every every way.One item is within the normal range, so rest assured.

In fact, for expectant mothers, as long as these indicators are paid to these indicators in the early stages of pregnancy, such as progesterone, estradiol, velvet fur promoter gonadotropin (HCG), etc., because before the formation of progesterone, common examination methods such as B -ultrasoundUnable to observe the fetus, for doctors to determine the baby’s condition through these data.

2. After the pregnancy sac is formed

When women are just pregnant, they often use blood testing, test strip testing and other means to determine the condition of pregnancy. Even in the early stages of pregnancy, they can judge the baby’s condition based on some specific data.

This is because the level of hormone in the body after pregnancy will change, and the degree of change of data is closely related to the fetal condition. However, after the formation of the gestational sacTo understand the child’s development through these data.

3. The baby’s fetal movement status

For expectant mothers, the first time I feel that the baby’s fetal movement must be particularly excited. Usually, the baby will have fetal movements around May. From then on, the expectant mothers can pay attention to the baby’s fetal movement, such as the frequency of fetal movement, amplitude, and so on.

Because the baby has reached different stages of development, the activity will be different. For example, when the baby has just had fetal movement, the frequency and amplitude often have a small frequency and amplitude. This is because the fetus has not yet developed, especially the motor nerve.The amplitude and frequency of fetal movement will increase a lot. In addition, the physical condition of Baoma also has a certain impact on fetal movement.

After reading these knowledge, you now know which indicators to judge the baby’s development status?Women should pay attention to changes in the body after pregnancy, and judge the condition of the fetus through these changes, so that they can better ensure that the entire pregnancy is safe.

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