During pregnancy, pregnant women supplement these trace elements, which helps fetal bone development

During pregnancy, sufficient minerals, vitamins, and proteins must be supplemented, and each nutrition is indispensable.In particular, there are some trace elements that are essential substances for fetal bone development. Once there is a lack, it may affect the development of the fetus.

1. Iron

The growth and development of the fetus and the growth of the placenta are inseparable from the iron. When pregnant women are deficient in iron, anemia will cause anemia. Once anemia will cause low weight, premature babies or fetal development.In addition, due to the long childbirth time, the amount of bleeding is increased, the resistance and immunity will be reduced, and it is easy to endanger life.During pregnancy, you should eat more iron -rich fish, poultry, animal liver and lean meat.In addition, pasta and beans are also rich in iron, which are easily used and absorbed by the body. The daily iron intake of pregnant women cannot exceed 28 mg.If anemia is serious, you should choose oral iron under the guidance of a doctor. At the same time, it should be paired with foods rich in vitamin C such as vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron in the intestine.

2. Calcium

Calcium element is an indispensable trace element for fetal skeletal development.Generally, if the fetus grows from 4 months of pregnancy, there must be sufficient calcium intake.If a pregnant woman is deficient in calcium, the calcium in the body will be transferred to the fetus, which will cause pregnant women to decarcal, calf cramps, and even bone softness when sleeping, which will affect the development of the fetus to teeth. After the child is bornDairy products and milk contain a large amount of calcium and have a high absorption rate. You can usually eat more kelp, tofu, small fish, shrimp skin, and celery. At least 1200 mg of calcium intake is guaranteed every day.Usually, the sun should be exposed, because sunlight can promote the synthesis of vitamin D3, and vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in the intestine.

3. Zinc

Zinc elements play a vital role in metabolism, which can promote the synthesis of protein and promote the proliferation of brain cells.When pregnant women are deficient in zinc, fetal malformations can be caused, which will cause brainless or stagnant water.Usually you can eat more high -protein foods, such as animal liver, egg yolk, and sea mussels, oysters, etc. in fish, and oysters are rich in zinc. The daily zinc intake cannot exceed 20 mg.

Kind tips

During pregnancy, you should be balanced for physical intake, and you must not have bad habits of picky food and partial eclipse. During the period, drink plenty of water and eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits.To maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, take 30 minutes a day to take a walk. You cannot eat high -calorie and high -fat foods to control the intake of seasonings.

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